Must Hear Witticisms From Glenn Kelman About Bitcoin & Everyday Things

Glenn Kelman with his Witticisms About Bitcoin and Everyday Things

Redfin's CEO, Glenn Kelman, has been causing a stir in the community for the past few weeks, thanks to a series of statements that have addressed controversial issues such as housing, taxes, the environment and, of course, bitcoin.

Initially three weeks ago, during a conference with a group of analysts to discuss Redfin's quarterly finances, Kelman touched the spotlight on the U.S. housing market. His words were heard as an alternative proposal during what was a heated debate over a new tax for Seattle's big business. Redfin's CEO encouraged business conglomerates and the technology industry to offer solutions rather than resist new government policies.

Then, on another occasion last Friday, Kelman generated controversy at the Technology Alliance's annual luncheon, where he reaffirmed the need to resolve Seattle's political challenges, so that it does not become a “San Francisco 2.0”, where only technocracy can afford to live well.

During her talk at the Tech Alliance, moderated by Liz Pearce, CRO at Streem Inc, Kendall also addressed important issues about housing, Amazon with bad habits and even crypto.

He said that he is not excited at all about Bitcoin. It is a scandal to him that in an era of global warming there are server sheds by the Columbia River. “I wish I could explain to the salmon that we’ve created a dam generating hydroelectric power so that we can generate a fake currency”, he said.

Shopping at Amazon the way we're doing it could have become a very bad habit” express. Just thinking that everything we buy one day will be garbage frustrates him a lot. He sees it as a huge problem that we buy without a real awareness of use: “We now have a second recycling bin because of Amazon”.

He argues that almost no one is having a good family day since working with the media acceleration now provided by the technology and the companies involved. He sees it as part of the solution to leave work problems at the office exit door: “If you come home thinking about an office problem (….) you won't appreciate your family and you'll probably end up taking a Doritos and getting discouraged in the basement”.

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