Mutual Hash

What Is MutualHash?

Mutual Hash in a new platform developed by the MH CLOUD LTD team of crypto mining experts, which offers users a smart and easy way to invest their money through its cloud mining services. Mutual Hash seeks to make crypto mining accessible to all users irrespective of their age, location, experience, or technical expertise.

Mutual Hash bitcoin mining system is not only suitable for cryptocurrency experts or large-scale investors but also those are still new to the world of cryptocurrency. The platform has a large-scale multi-algorithm cloud mining service, which offers an alternative to users who would like to take part in Bitcoin and altcoin mining.

How MutualHash Works

Traditional crypto mining models involve procurement, maintenance, and configuration of highly specialized hardware. This will not be the case for Mutual Hash as its cloud mining will offer users an opportunity to mine with a low cost of entry at minimum risk and expenses. This means users do not have to purchase expensive equipment and waste a lot of time setting the equipment up, as they simply start mining by selecting the desired power to begin generating revenue.

It utilizes modern ASIC chips from BitFury whose main role is delivering the highest possible levels of performance and efficiency for the users. During bitcoin mining, as more miners compete to locate the bitcoin block the difficulty of the network will increase until a saturation point is reached and the most efficient miners achieve the best results. Therefore, users of Mutual Hash will always achieve the best results due to the high efficiency of Mutual Hash’s cloud mining.

MutualHash Investment Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Plan

Mutual hash has a single investment plan that pays out from 10% to 12% daily for 12 calendar days depending on the amount a user has invested. The initial investment amount is included in the daily payouts. Users can make payments for their investment plans in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

Withdrawal of the payout is instant and no fees are incurred from withdrawing earnings. Apart from the opportunity to gain profits from deposits users can also participate in the affiliate program where they earn from inviting new partners using their referral link.

MutualHash Benefits


Mutual hash servers are DDoS protected, compliant to high security standards such as custom script, and green address bar, which is a guarantee to users that their personal information and funds are completely safe.

Stable Income

Investing through mutual hash will earn users a stable income of 10% to 12% daily for 12 calendar days, which includes their initial deposit amount.

Accessibility website is configured in such a way that users can access their accounts from any of their devices like tablets, mobile phones, and computers.


Through the unique investment plan, users can participate, and earn high and risk-free returns on their investments.


Mutual Hash does not have any geographical restrictions and users from anywhere in the world regardless of their age or citizenship can start using its financial services.

Experienced Team

The MH CLOUD LTD team who are the developers of Mutual Hash has over 3 years’ experience in cryptocurrency mining therefore investments will be carefully analyzed and handled.

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