Muxe Review:

MUXE is a one-stop platform that provides a wide range of real estate products and services for everyone's need in terms of home supplies, office renovation, and projects for property development.

The platform facilitates the buying of dream homes, getting rental income from the extra space and latest tips on interior design, sourcing great maintenance contractors and ordering home improvements. Every transaction on the platform is done in a systematic and transparent manner through smart contract technology.

Generally, the platform is very interactive in nature. It allows even the average users to easily find their needs with the adoption of latest technology on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality applications, which will help in better decision-making for users on the platform.

What Is MUXE?

Muxe is a decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology in its operations and cryptocurrency for transactions. The platform aims at providing convenience, increase efficiency and savings in terms of money and time for its users. Users of the platform have a chance to search, list, sell and buy real estate products and services in a secured peer-to-peer platform. The platform is easy to access and its transactions secure and private.

How MUXE Blockchain Real Estate Cryptocurrency Works

The platform works in such a way that users undergo a verification process to confirm the identity they gave on the platform. The authenticity of the products or services that are intended for listing will also be verified.

After registration, members can then list their products in the respective categories provided. Contractors can utilize the MUXE tokens to advertise for their services. The platform is scalable and compatible with all devices making it available for everyone.

The platforms MUXE tokens are classified as complying with ERC20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are the platform's main currency and are used for transactions on the platform in terms of purchasing office and home supplies, paying contractors fees and making rental payments. The tokens can also be used to make promotions on the platform and to redeem rewards. Successful transactions that are made with MUXE tokens are given rewards in terms of loyalty tokens.

MUXE Benefits

Wide Categories:

The platform offers a wide range of real estate products and services for its users. A category for new products and services is also included since the real estate market keeps on growing.

Special platform for everyone: The platform has a wide variety of products and services for everyone in the entire world. It caters for every real estate need of every category of people.

Consumers MUXE (B2C):

The holders of tokens will not encounter fees, hidden cost and commissions when making transactions on the platform. This will in turn allow users to make savings. Token holders will also be given discounts and privileges every time they use their tokens.

Industry MUXE (B2B):

The platform works together with real estate companies that are local and international. Business partners can work together with the platform in order to create value added services and at the same time extend the reach to more customers by use of the MUXE tokens, and be able to communicate with them directly.

MUXE Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: MUXE
  • Token sale date: June 5 – October 5 2018
  • Accepted payment method: BTC and ETH
  • Total token supply: 10,000,000,000
  • ICO: 7,000,000,000

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