My BitByBit Empire, found online at, promises to help you get rich quick by selling things in exchange for bitcoin. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is My BitByBit Empire?

My BitByBit Empire introduces itself by saying things like, “Imagine getting bitcoins risk-free by giving away something of value for free.”

What does that mean? I have no idea. However, the company claims that they’re “bringing success to the masses” by showing users “how to get the exposure you need and the income you deserve, even if you are on a limited budget, non-technical and don’t feel you can recruit!”

Obviously, when a company starts mentioning things like “the income you deserve” and “recruitment”, it’s a sure sign you’re dealing with a multilevel marketing company.

My BitByBit Empire is being marketed throughout MLM circles online. Is the platform worth your investment? Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does My BitByBit Empire Work?

My BitByBit Empire is a matrix-based pyramid scheme. You pay to join the company. Then, the only way to make money is by convincing other people to join the company and pay the same fee. If you convince enough people to do this, then you’ll make a positive ROI. If not, then you’ll lose all of your money. Either way, the creators of the pyramid scheme make money.

Like all pyramid schemes, My BitByBit Empire is doomed to collapse. The cryptocurrency industry has made it easier than ever to launch a flash-in-the-pan pyramid scheme, and the makers of My BitByBit Empire clearly appear to be taking full advantage.

The My BitByBit Empire website doesn’t even try to pretend that it’s a legitimate entity. That website features no products or services, for example. The only real “info” we have is a 15 second video of a man running. That’s it. My BitByBit Empire expects you to join their scam based exclusively on that information.

Who’s Behind My BitByBit Empire?

The My BitByBit Empire domain was registered by an anonymous individual on June 8, 2017.

Our friends at have linked the company to the 4 Corners Alliance Group, based on the contact information posted in an early FAQ for the company. That’s not a good thing: the 4 Corners Alliance Group was a pyramid schem in 2013. That company was formed out of the ashes of the Longevity 7 pyramid scheme.

4 Corners has tweaked their pyramid scheme’s marketing slightly over the years, although it always comes back as virtually the same thing: it’s a pyramid scheme designed to make a lot of money for the creators, only to collapse within months and cause investors to lose their money.

BehindMLM also seems to link the My BitByBit Empire scam to a man named Charles Dhuey, who is listed as the owner of other domains registered to the same team.

My Bitbybit Empire Conclusion

When someone promises to make you rich online with no hard work required, it’s a sign you’re probably being scammed. It doesn’t take much research online to determine that My BitByBit Empire is a scam. The company appears to be linked to several notorious pyramid schemes – like the same people who made the 4 Corners Alliance Group pyramid scheme in 2013. The website has no substance and no information about the company – like what they plan on selling, or how they plan to make money.

At best, My BitByBit Empire is a multilevel marketing company with a bad business model. At worst, it’s a pyramid scheme designed to steal the money of investors. Either way, we see little reason to “invest” in My BitByBit Empire.

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