My Matching Ads was recently the subject of a review by BehindMLM, and it seems that their information doesn’t quite line up with what a business should detail. With any one of these reviews, the website cautions their reader to be aware of checking who owns or runs the business before they invest. That being said, the first issue that the website points out is the lack of these details.

The registration for My Matching Ads shows that the company was only established in their domain on October 29th this year, with Angola and Iran as the two top traffic sources. Along with their lack of definable authority or owner, the company also has no products or services to purchase. At best, they can purchase and market the membership to the program, creating the pyramid scheme that the website noted.

When users invest, they are promised a 125% return on their investment. However, the paid subscriptions start at $10 a month. Higher memberships can be obtained, in which they are promised increases in their amount of return. The compensation is directly determined by how many people and levels are beneath the affiliate. The cap of this level is 10 teams, though this level would allow the investor to take a 50% commission.

Joining the website is free, which is nice. However, the ability to actually participate and become an affiliate requires one of the membership subscriptions. As the website concludes their review of this company, noting that the use of the “revenue sharing program” is basically just a way that companies expose themselves as the Ponzi scheme they are in MLM.

As the website writes,

“In reality My Matching Ads can’t escape Ponzi math. Once recruitment of new affiliates slows down, so too will new investment. This will starve My Matching Ads of ROI revenue, eventually prompting a collapse. Mathematics guarantees that when a Ponzi scheme collapses, the majority of investors lose money.”

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