My Viral Boost

My Viral Boost, found online at, is an investment program that promises to pay you every day with no work, risk, or investment required. Find out how it works in our review.

What Is My Viral Boost?

My Viral Boost is an online moneymaking scheme that promises to pay you daily in bitcoin. The platform also gives your website unlimited free traffic, a lead capture page system, and better monetization than PPC and solo ads.

My Viral Boost also describes their system as “100% total passive income” – which means there’s no work required once the system is up and running.

Basically, My Viral Boost is an advertising network. You buy into the network by placing ads on your website. Then, your ads will appear on other network websites, while other network ads appear on your own website.

However, My Viral Boost also works as like a multilevel marketing company or pyramid scheme. You build a network of referrals, and you get paid every time your referrals buy an ad. The entire system appears to be exclusively designed to promote memberships in My Viral Boost – so there are no products or services advertised through the network.

How Does My Viral Boost Work?

There are three different packages available with My Viral Boost.

One of the biggest selling features of the platform is that users can sign up for free and start earning money right away – so even if you don’t pay to join the company or post any ads, you can still earn cash.

You need to pay the company using cryptocurrencies. They don’t accept credit cards, PayPal, or other conventional payment methods. You can only pay with bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Bitconnect.

Here’s how each package works:


  • You don’t get a banner ad
  • You can build a list and earn free ads
  • You earn $3 for every Pro ad purchased by your referrals, and $3 for every Pro Plus ad purchased

Pro ($30 Per Month)

  • You can build a list and earn free ads
  • Earn $7.50 for every Pro ad purchased by your referrals, and $15 for every Pro Plus ad purchased

Pro Plus ($60 Per Month)

  • You can build a list and earn free ads
  • Earn $15 for every Pro ad purchased by your referrals, and $30 for every Pro Plus ad purchased
  • Earn free Pro ads on every Pro Plus ad sold

Like most multilevel marketing companies, the more money you pay the company today, the higher your earnings potential will be. As a free member, you can still earn money by referring people to the platform. However, you don’t have a banner ad. As a paid subscriber, you get Pro or Pro Plus banner advertisements you can use to enhance your recruitment campaigns.

Who’s Behind My Viral Boost?

The creator of My Viral Boost has chosen not to disclose his identity online. We know it’s a male because a YouTube clip introducing the platform features a male voice. That person appears to be the only individual involved with the project. He goes by the name “MVB Admin” online. We don’t have any names or location information for the company. All we have is an email address: [email protected]

WHOIS data tells us that the website is brand new. The domain was registered on September 3, 2017.

Ultimately, when someone is asking you to pay them money online, but refuses to disclose their identity, that’s a red flag that you’re potentially dealing with a scam.

My Viral Boost Conclusion

My Viral Boost may not be a scam. However, it’s some type of multilevel marketing scheme designed for the person at the top to make money, while people at the bottom continue recruiting as many people as possible until the scheme collapses.

The website was launched in September and promises unlimited free traffic. In reality, however, the platform seems to exclusively revolve around memberships. You buy ads on the platform, but your banner ads are only designed to promote My Viral Boost memberships. There’s an overall lack of transparency about My Viral Boost and how it works.

Ultimately, it’s a bad idea to send cryptocurrency to someone when they refuse to tell you their name or information. There are too many red flags surrounding My Viral Boost – so you might want to wait for more information to appear online before you send money to the company.

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