Those who understand how cryptocurrency and blockchain works have invested heavily in it. However, there are many investors who fall prey to online scams and lose a lot of money. One site that has a lot of red flags when it comes to crypto investment is MyBitZone.

A Look At MyBitZone

There is no doubt that everyone who invests in cryptocurrency does so because of the profits. People mine and buy coins when they are still lowly priced but sell them when they can get profits. This platform promises to help those that do not know how to do this, but there is no proof whatsoever.

Although they promise to do everything on your behalf and give you regular profits, it is more of talk than action. There is nobody who has invested through this platform and made the profits that they talk so much about.

The developers of this website want you to choose an investment plan based on the profits that you want to make. You will then be asked to deposit an amount of money that will be used to purchase cryptocurrency.

This is supposed to be your investment, and it is what should give you profits as time goes by. If you look at the hourly rate that they promise to pay, it is clear that it is a scam. There are no fixed earnings when it comes to cryptocurrency investments and therefore, the 4.6% per hour that they talk about is not something that is achievable.

Is MyBitZone A Good Investment Option?

Most people that fall for such gimmicks are looking for quick profits. They want to make money through blockchain technology, but they do not want to go through the right procedures. If you are one of those that want to make money while they sleep, you definitely are going to lose it. From all angles, this is a scheme that is designed to make you deposit money which you will never recover no matter how hard you try.

There aren't any strong security features to make it a good investment option. At least, you should seek an assurance that your money is in the hands of trusted investors. Going by the number of scams being witnessed all over, it is good to choose a company that is reputable. In this case, there is nobody that can testify that they have been investing through this platform, and they always got their profits on time.

In addition, there is no clear information about how to withdraw the profits that you make. Crypto investment websites often show you how you can get your money, and how long it will take.

Would you recommend MyBitZone to anyone? Absolutely no. This is would have been a good investment especially for beginners if there was a clear structure of how things work. Since they tend to conceal the most important information and feed you on how much you will be earning every hour, it is something that you should keep away from.

The information on their site shows that they target noobs who do not have any idea of how blockchain technology works so that they can swindle them before they learn anything.

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