Mycelia: Imogen Heap’s Blockchain Project for Artists & Music Rights

Imogen Heap’s Blockchain Project, Mycelia, for Artists and Their Music Rights

Grammy-Award recipient and artist, Imogen Heap recently revealed details regarding her upcoming blockchain-based project, Mycelia, which aims to provide artists with the necessary tools to manage their careers.

The announcement was made during a Dublin event, MoneyConf, in which she spoke all matters including finance. Based on her claims, she will be starting the project on her own, as she will be using her earnings from the Harry Potter musical along with her holdings of Ethereum coins, which she received in exchange for her song.

Heap explained the specs of her app, stating that it will help musicians with respect to pay, distribution of music, and rights. In addition, it appears to be the right app to consider for those struggling to lift their careers off the ground. She mainly said,

“It’s about how to ease flow of payments, how to ease collaboration, how to grow partnerships, how to make better collaborations on a business level and creative level. If you’re a new musician […] how do you know where to sign up?”

Heap also suggested that consumers should view the app as a first step, or “guide that helps the music makers navigate the industry.”

While the musician is aware that there are several methods of addressing music rights issues, she seems to be really into blockchain. As previously mentioned, Heap was paid in Ethereum for a song she called, namely “Tiny Human” in 2015. While it is not clear as to how many ETH she received, she got it during which ETH was only $1, which is definitely profitable.

Based on the claims made, Heap had an incomplete idea of Mycelia a while back. Now, it seems that the project will be led and completed by her. Here is exactly what Heap disclosed:

“I didn’t expect to be able to develop a thing […] I thought if I could just share an idea maybe someone would make something but, in the end, nobody was doing this thing.”

As for its potential launch, it has been set for September of this year, where Heap will be using her musical stage, along with some business settings, to promote the project.

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