Humour is, the one thing, which is enjoyed by all, irrespective of age, caste, gender, whatever. It is one thing which can bind us all and generate a positive and happy environment. Then why do most of us strive very hard to sulk and brood and contaminate the environment with negativity rather than smile, laugh and spread happiness and positivity.

This is why MyComedyPlay is groundbreaking, as it not only a profitable business model but also it helps our souls.

About MyComedyPlay

ComedyPlay is a decentralized platform for comedy content, with the specific intent to leverage the Ethereum blockchain by enabling and providing a blockchain-based online comedy content streaming experience. It is a free, open, and distributed platform specifically created to support and empower comedy content creators to have a direct connection to their followers. The platform will be a one-stop, go-to space for a wide array of comedy content readily available to users worldwide.

Users of the platform will be granted access to the platform’s various features through a cryptocurrency called Comedycoin (CCP), a crypto-token which will be distributed and generated within the platform, opening a space for users to share, create, and enjoy original comedy content. Media formats available on the platform include texts, photos, audio, and videos which are based on comedic content from various popular and niche genres.

Instead of these quasi-monopolistic revenue models, the platform offers a decentralized way of earning in the platform through cryptocurrency by simply generating content. Users are rewarded with the platform’s cryptocurrency for producing original, engaging, and memorable content and ranking within the community through upvotes.

MyComedyPlay Platform Features

  • Content Sharing: Individual users are free to post their own content, and are highly encouraged by the platform to engage their audiences. Trending comedy media by other users are also easily viewable through the platform’s interface.
  • Freemium access upvotes system: Unless provided from external sources, all access is free, and content created on the platform may be upvoted. Users whose comedy posts rank highest in upvotes are instantly rewarded with tokens.
  • Community Review: Individual users may flag any type of uploaded content is not a comedy’, helping the community filter unrelated content. The particular post with inappropriate content will be removed upon review, and the most active flaggers will be rewarded with tokens for their service to the community.
  • Format Filter and Search: Users may choose to filter the type of content they wish to see, be it audio, funny photos or memes, funny GIFs, humorous videos, text-format jokes, or a mixture of any of these types of comedy content.

MyComedyPlay Token Distribution

MyComedyPlay has a Private token swap event May 29 – 31, 2018

The following pricing arrangement will be followed once the token swap events commence with the allocated 70% of CCP tokens for the user community. CCP tokens are denominated in Ether (ETH) and final prices are accurate to 18 decimal places.

Private Swap: There will be 10 million tokens available with an equivalence of 20,000 CCP equaling 1 ETH. The Soft cap is 200 ETH and Hard Cap is 500 ETH.

Pre-Swap: A total of 25 million tokens will be available and 1ETH will fetch 12,500 CCP. Soft Cap will be 700 ETH and Hard Cap 2,000 ETH.

Main Swap: In this phase, 35 million CCP will be available with an equivalence of 1 ETH equaling 5,000 CCP. Gard Cap is 7,000 ETH and Soft Cap is 3,000 ETH.

MyComedyPlay Conclusion

MyComedyPlay wants to establish itself in a niche by helping comedy podcasts. You can learn more about them on .

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