After Bitcoin finally emerged as the face of the cryptocurrency, and to some extent the blockchain technology, many started accepting it as just a face of how a typical digital coin would look. Many subsequently expressed a clear interest in these valuable assets, leading to a sudden upsurge in its value. But as the acceptance levels skyrocketed, many kept wondering whether cryptocurrencies are indeed the future and worth investing in or just a Ponzi scheme.

“Never invest in a market you cannot understand” is one of the many quotes Warren Buffet is known for and indeed this quote is understandable and directly meant for potential crypto investors. If you would like to invest and earn income in BTC, definitely you will need a firm grasp of a couple of information. That means, you will have a few sources of getting polished up.

Many often prefer to consult Google, Facebook, YouTube and the web in general. But while this could end up as the cheapest in simpler terms, trawling the internet can be a hassle and confusing for someone green in digital currencies. Of course, it isn’t the most recommended for those who earnestly hope to make a name for themselves in this budding world.

And, of course, there are those who enroll with experts who not only lessen the period of learning, but also give the student a competitive edge regarding which lucrative routes to follow. Take the case of, for instance, and how it can be of help.

What Is MyCryptoCoinPRO?

With an enticing tagline “The Path to Crypto Currency Success,” MyCryptoCoinPRO promises to help anyone earn income with Bitcoins. Simon Stepsys, the presenter who doubles as the brain behind the site, alleges to help anyone ‘Learn to Earn,’ then actualize it.

Perhaps you are wondering what this “Right Place” has. Well, what Simon teaches revolves around:

  • How and why cryptocurrency is the future.
  • How you can get started and chart your voyage into the new world of digital currencies.
  • Alternative ways you can do and still earn from cryptocurrencies.
  • Marketing tools to use.
  • Finally, how you will earn your first cryptocurrencies right after the lessons are over.

Who Is Behind MyCryptoCoinPRO Bitcoin Marketing Machine?

Simon Stepsys or @NetMillionare as he calls himself on Twitter doesn’t appear a lot like a genuine trainer. Search results from Google reveal that this self-styled “internet millionaire” lives large or generally portrays the image of someone who owns millions or more in dollars. However, if he’s not a scammer, then he’s just on his way there!

It appears isn’t the first of his gimmicks. According to a particular Blog, Simon has been doing what he does best – tricking foolish individuals, since 1998. It’s weird, however, that even when his story was aired in the UK’s Mirror magazine, and almost all of his websites shut down, this guy is still proud and brave enough to flaunt the Porsche, Bentley, cigars, gold watches and rings that he allegedly owns.

MyCryptoCoinPRO Verdict

For the 20 years, he has been endorsing Ponzi schemes, with many of whom closed and banned, it appears isn’t to be trusted.


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