As the mainstream adoption of crypto assets continues to increase globally, there still exists the need for digital services to bridge the gap between mass physical markets and blockchain economy. This can be done by eliminating unwanted tariffs and costs that are usually associated with the conversion processes by employing the use of a single standardized currency.

MyEdge has been described online as being a blockchain-based ecosystem that provides users with “offer comparisons” that allow for a decentralization of trading and prediction activities. Not only that, the native currency also serves as a powerful intermediate asset that provides maximum mobility and minimizes transfer costs.

myEdge Service

myEdge basically serves as a disruptive force that has the potential to redefine the manner in which cryptocurrency prediction and trading markets work. The goal of the platform is transfer the power of such domains from the hands of corporations into those of the investors themselves.

Some of the core aspects of MyEdge include:

Increased ROIs:

The company aims to provide users with a ‘predictions comparison service’ dedicated to cryptocurrency based platforms. This will help investors gain a competitive edge and source the best possible monetary deals at all times.


When compared to other similar services in the market, MyEdge is offering customers with a powerful intermediate platform that can facilitate faster, more efficient means of placing wagers.


By eliminating the need of countless currencies with a single standardized token, myEdge is designed to be fully scalable and readily adoptable as and when the blockchain predictions market expands.

Advanced Usability:

Through the use of “trustless smart contracts”, users are able to quickly mobilize funds as and when they see appropriate. Not only that, native contracts can also be used to escrow funds for a host of diverse applications.

How Does myEdge Crypto Prediction Market Comparisons Work?

For starters, the core AI module collects offers from various trading and prediction platforms. This is done by implementing parsing tools, that are able to analyze and arrange complex data sets into palatable pieces of information.

Following this, the processed info is presented to network participants in the form of unique events. However, it should be noted that there are various options to choose from when selecting a prediction market. These include:

  • Event types
  • Outcomes

Lastly, the platform also uses a proprietary reserve system that is designed to skip lengthy and complex multiple funds conversions. This helps make the wager process simpler, as well as maximizes profit potential.

myEdge MET ICO Details

All internal transactions will be facilitated through the use of a native currency. While the company’s whitepaper does not make it clear as to how many tokens were created in all, it does mention the way in which they are distributed.

  • 44% have been released to the public via the crowd sale.
  • 21% have been reserved for company members
  • 7.5% have been set aside for the creation of a bounty
  • The remaining currency will be used to create a reserve

Distribution Of Funds

  • 35% of the money will be used to improve the platform (via the implementation of newer transaction protocols).
  • 20% will be used for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • 30% will be put into a reserve account.
  • The remaining 15% will be used to cover for admin and legal costs.

For any other details, clarifications, users can shoot an email to [email protected]

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