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Ever since people have started to recognize the potential of the crypto market, the innovations have been endless. One of the biggest areas which the blockchain has the potential to completely redefine is that of marketing. This is because transactions made within the blockchain are instant and free. As a result of this, things like event sharing, ticket distribution and other similar actions can be performed with ease and without much hassle.

What Is MyMazzu?

My Mazzu claims to be the world's first ICO that gives users a “percentage of the profit , as well as a small bit of the company’s stock market shares.” From a functional standpoint, we can see that My Mazzu helps us target and reach our target audience instantly. It can be used to advertise literally anything under the sun, and is quite easy to use. For example, users have the option to create events such as art exhibitions, concerts, protests and then simply post the event (along with its date and time) on the network. The information is immediately transported throughout the system, and thus other platform users are made aware of all the latest happenings that are taking place around them.

MyMazzu Uses

Some of the uses for My Mazzu include:

  • Keeping track of sporting events and even ticket prices.
  • Stay in the know how of various cultural events taking place in and around our living area.
  • Find and meetup with people of similar interests. For example, people of different faiths can find other like minded individuals by simply posting an ad on My Mazzu.
  • Create a charitable venture and then collect funds from all over the globe, absolutely free of any transaction charges.
  • Sending out invites for a party/event as well as finding accomodation, lodging nearby.

MyMazzu Token Sale Details

My Mazzu will be sold in 2 phases:

Pre ICO: during this phase, the value of MazzuCoins (the company’s native currency) is scheduled to be maintained at 1ETH=1000 MZC

ICO: during this phase the value of 1 ETH = 900 MZC.

Once the pre ICO ends, 10% of the purchased tokens will be added to the total sum. All unsold tokens will remain with the founder.

Token Distribution Details

Allocation Of Funds:

  • 55% of total collected funds will be used for marketing and promoting My Mazzu.
  • 25% of the funds will be used for platform development.
  • 20% of the funds will be used to cover for admin and legal fees.

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