Myndshft is a project hat leverages artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies. Its flagship platform, known as CognitiveBus, is the world’s pioneering cognitive blockchain platform. CognitiveBus intends to simplify the concept of AI and unlock the potential of big data, particularly to clients in the health sector.

M:IA Robotic Process Automation

M:IA is an advanced process automation mechanism that was developed for contemporary businesses. Currently, it is the only automation solution that has an inbuilt enterprise-grade artificial intelligence infrastructure.


M:IA is built using modern modular architecture, a design that guarantees flexibility, intelligence and agility. The system also incorporates top-of-the-range security mechanisms, ensuring that security and privacy are upheld. Furthermore, M:IA is compliant to all regulatory statutes. Lastly, this platform supports scalability, meaning that it can scale form a single to thousands of nodes in a relatively short period. Notably, the increase in numbers of clients does not have an impact on the performance.

Benefits of the M:IA automation

  1. Intelligent – using the inbuilt expert system , M:IA will unlock the potential of data that is currently inaccessible. Moreover, the AI automatically leans from the outcomes of the automated processes.
  2. Enterprise-grade – this application is developed for businesses. Hence, it is compliant to laws and is equipped with top-notch security features.
  3. As-a-Service – the fees imposed by this app are dependent on the volume on outcome. Also, it does not require additional software or license to become operational.

M:IA Deployment Model

Typically, the implementation of M:IA takes 6-8 weeks.

  • Scoping (1 week) –evaluation of target process and development of a working prototype.
  • Mapping (1 week) – here, the business rules are drafted. Performance targets are also set on this phase.
  • Automation (3-4 weeks) –configuration of M:IA to perform its objectives. Human staff roles are consequently redefined.
  • Operational (1-2 weeks) – redeployment f human staff after the transition is completed successfully. Afterwards, real-time performance monitoring starts.

Myndshft CognitiveBus

CognitiveBus is a unique platform that combines the distinctive capabilities of AI and blockchain technology. It features a computing engine, an accelerator and a comprehensive toolkit. CognitiveBus was designed to overcome the problems that often inhibit the implantation of AI-based systems.

Benefits of Myndshft CognitiveBus

  • Simplicity – unlike other AI systems, CognitiveBus simplifies the deployment of expert systems, thanks to its ‘plug and play’ capability.
  • Faster – CognitiveBus is typically deployed in less than an hour. Furthermore, it is scalable and processes data at lightning speeds.
  • All-encompassing – CognitiveBus is available to very organization, regardless of its size.


MYND.AI is the basis of the Myndshft platform, providing capabilities for machine learning as well as artificial intelligence. It is specially tailored to overcome the bottlenecks that often impede the deployment of AI systems.


This is the underlying blockchain ledger on which MYND.AI is built. MYND.CHAIN has several benefits, some of which include:

  • Comprehensive toolkit for management of decentralized applications.
  • Administrative tools for a democratic management of the business network.
  • Flexible deployment platforms, such as MYND.CLOUD
  • Specifically built for businesses
  • Unrivaled speeds, reaching up to 1,000 transactions per second.
  • Confidentiality and privacy

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