MyOddz ODDZ ICO Review

Online gambling is a upward of $40 billion USD industry and is said to grow by more than 40% to a valuation of about $60 billion USD in the next two years. Although Ethereum-based blockchain gambling operations are still in their relative infancy, it might be safe to assume that being at the fulcrum of 2 rapidly growing products it is bound to catch popularity.

This is exactly what MyOddz happens to be, a home for betting and gambling on the Ethereum Blockchain.

About MyOddz

MyOddz is auditable, secure and verifiable online betting and gambling platform thich uses Ethereum Blockchain. Bringing sports, Esports, P2P betting, proveable fair dice and coin flip,Poker, Raffles and Bingo under one umbrella, ODDZ token gives 99.75% of their profits back to its users. Users can have private bets via invitation with friends or colleagues. People can offer their own betting odds to users on the site using JavaScript widgets.

Their aim is to build a platform which attracts and retains users so that they can maximize profits for all ODDZ token and build a worldwide brand. They aspire to become the leading platform for sports, Esports and P2P betting on Ethereum Blockchain. Offering a unique 21st century Casino music soundtrack from world renowned artists and a simple user friendly interface, a user gets tempted to keep coming back for more.

MyOddz Features

  1. Open, Honest and Secure: The source code is a public information to verify and scrutinize to boost transparency and security. It is built on Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts.
  2. Complete Control: A user can run their own book on the site, offering private bets, bets to group, syndicates and more.
  3. Adaptable: A person can use of MyOddz’s javascript widgets to host gambling on their own site, with optional self branding.
  4. Giving Back: MyOddz gives back to charities associated with them every quater. A percentage of all ETH raised in the ICO or quarterly profits will be donated.
  5. Own the House: ODDZ Token holders claim their share of the profits each quarter via MyOddz’s profits and they share a smart contract.
  6. Universal: Available on desktop, tablet and to take anywhere on mobile. MyOddz can be enjoyed at any time.

MyOddz ODDZ ICO Sale

ICO sale is now live. Contributions can be sent to their ICO smart contracts via or to myoddzdotbet.eth. The tokens will be immediately delivered to your wallet upon a successful transaction to the contract address.

There is even a bounty program which gives one a chance to earn ODDZ token for referrals and encouraging people to join their whitelist. Bounty credits are distributed between different social medias and other platforms of user acquisition.

MyOddz ODDZ ICO Conclusion

Not only does give ODDZ token holders the chance to share profits each quarter, they plan to offer the largest variety of betting options of any operator on the Ethereum blockchain to attract, engage and retain users. Due to the use of smart contracts, all bets placed will be publicly visible on the blockchain. Results and outcomes will come via tried and trusted API feeds and pushed to our smart contracts.

Owing to its transparency and profitability, it is pretty easy to see that they will be able to grab a huge share of the market.

More about MyOddz and their ICO sale can be found out on their site


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