Myriads MRDS ICO Review

What is Myriads MRDS?

Myriads is a decentralized machine learning network that is for everyone. It’s based on the blockchain technology and specifically designed for people using the GPUs. There is a whitepaper that can be downloaded on the company website at

How Does Myriads Work?

The company is said to be a specialized machine learning platform, one that has been created by an experienced team of hardware and software specialists. The system works with intelligent machine learning. The Myriads project is attempting to use a decentralized artificial intelligence that leverages the security and safety of blockchain technology. They believe that decentralized machine learning is the next wave of the future.

There are several reasons why:

40%-50% Less Expensive

The machines apparently can find the lowest price based on perfect market conditions. There are no humans setting the prices for ML services. And the network is constantly regulating the prices to handle the lowest possible costs that are based on already existing resources to meet the demands of the users.

Blockchain Based

Myriads operates on a completely decentralized and autonomous P2P based network. It’s been designed to primarily be focused on user experience and improving machine learning. The system is said to be completely transparent with one of the most advanced security protocols in the world. There are no central authorities or intermediaries either.

Superior Incentivization Structure

The users of the system are also able to pay with the MRDS tokens. By doing so, they are able to capitalize on the most powerful computational machine learning system. Miners are also able to earn money by leasing their hardware through

The company also promises to solve a host of problems. For example, they can help with image classification. And this is an area that is still very difficult for many users to understand. Not only that but they are improving language processing as well – that includes speech recognition and natural language generation as well.

The company will also rely on big data and machine learning to help improve the pharma and medicine industries. It will accomplish they by helping the industry leaders make better decisions, while at the same time bring forth more innovations with improved efficiency. This is for every type of user can imagine, whether they be physicians, consumers, insurers or regulators.

The system works fairly easy as well. Users and companies who need high levels of computing power can use the MRDS tokens for machine learning and to improve their ability.

Miners on the network can also earn MRDS tokens from any calculations they make. And GPU user can make new maching learning computations. The company is said to be cheaper than Amazon, Microsoft, Google Cloud and nearly every other major cloud-based computing system. The company also has fast transfer rates and easy to set up.

Plus, it has better security than any of the major networks because of the blockchain technology. It’s a completely developer friendly network that even comes with pre-installed ML frameworks. And, they’ve set the program up to be easily integrated with scientific computing. Lastly, the system uses smart apps for machine learning and a quality user experience.

What Is The ICO On Myriads?

The ICO for the company starts in 28days, 20 hrs and 53 minutes as of now (2018). You can learn more about it on Bitcointalk, New Channel, Live Support, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and GitHub.

Who Is Behind Myriads?

The CEO and Co-Founder, Liu Peng is a graduate of The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. He holds an Executive MBA and his last experience came from the China Jianyin Investment. It’s an integrated investment group that is focused primarily on equity investments. As of now, he is one of three team members, but they are looking for more tech geniuses or hard workers to jump on board and help the team move things forward.

Everyone on the team has verified LinkedIn profiles and are the best at what they do. The fact they have so much detailed information on their team members shows they operate with total honesty and transparency. If you’re looking for a great team to work with, could be a great place for you.

Myriads MRDS ICO Conclusion

The team is looking to make the most advanced AI with smart machine learning capabilities. They’re a small team as of now, but if their road map is accurate – they are going to grow fast and will be a heavy-hitting powerhouse in the cryptocurrency world by the end of 2018. Keep an eye on, because it’s likely they’re going to explode here in the next few months.

And, they operate with total transparency, plus abide by all laws and regulations. It can be difficult to find honest and authentic companies these days – especially in the cryptocurrency world.

Basically, keep an eye on the team at, you’ll likely see them become one of the biggest companies in the industry. And they’re looking at things in terms of long-term, is not a fast money project by any means. They’re a real business who is here to stay and will do whatever it takes to succeed.

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