Few industries have undergone transformation as the entertainment industry has over the past few decades. Most notably, the music industry has witnessed significant upheavals as the industry has shifted away from its traditional business model toward a more online based commercial model. Even so, the entire entertainment industry has undergone drastic changes in content production and distribution models yet a lot still remains to be done.

Well, another revolution is about to take place in the industry which holds the promise of considerably altering it for the better. It’s the use of blockchain technology that is about to transform the world of entertainment. Myrillion is the company at the fore front of this innovative project.

What Is Myrillion?

Myrillion intends to create a platform that will bring together a community of users belonging to the entertainment world. The individuals will be gathered around a means of exchange dedicated to the community which is supported by the blockchain technology.

The project intends to develop the entertainment industry by removing the bottlenecks that constrain it and improving the experience of consumers. Some of the solutions the platform envisions to bring forth include:

  • Effectively and equitably rewarding value creators for their hard work.
  • Enabling entertainment enthusiasts to access an even broader variety of content which offers more emotional and interactive experience.
  • Allowing event professionals to improve their organizational models and the knowledge of their consumers.

How Myrillion Blockchain Entertainment Cryptocurrency Works

After carefully analyzing the issue that plagued the entertainment industry especially surrounding issues of pay and content security, Myrillion realized that the blockchain technology was uniquely placed to address these concerns.

The platform through use of blockchain holds the following advantages for the entertainment industry:

  • Reliability and automation of the treatment of contractual agreements finalized between professionals.
  • Creation of a digital currency which will streamline and optimize financial transactions between community members (professionals or consumers).
  • The emergence of new user experiences, such as the possibility of real-time interactions between content players and their audience. An example is payment of tips to favorite artists on the platform.
  • Improving the monitoring of the traceability of intellectual works.

Myrillion MYL Token & ICO Details

The Myrillion is the cryptocurrency to be used on the Myrillion platform.

  • Token symbol: MYL
  • Total Tokens Generated: 100 π billion MYL (314,159,265, 359)

MYL Token Features:

  • It’s a pure cryptocurrency of fixed supply
  • It’s transferable
  • It can trade on public cryptocurrency exchanges
  • It can access services in established ecosystems without the need for foreign exchange operations
  • It works like any other ERC-20 token
  • Pre-Sales: 7th May – 3rd June 2018, 1 MYL = 0.01 €, Discount – 30%
  • Private ICO: 4th June – 30th June 2018, 1 MYL = 0.01 €, Discount – 20%

Public ICO

  • 1st Round: 22nd October 2018 – 4th November 2018 Discount – 15%
  • 2nd Round: 5th November 2018 – 18th November 2018 Discount – 10%
  • 3rd Round: 19th November – 9th December No discount

Token Distribution

  • Reserve for future ICOs = 290 bn -x
  • First ICO = x
  • Reserve funds = 6% (20bn)
  • Π Funders and partners = 15 (4bn)

Use Of ICO Funds

  • Evolution of the π business model Communication Trading – 50%
  • Technical Developments – 30%
  • Supports Functions – 20%

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