MySmartProperty ICO is establishing a venture that could foresee a monumental paradigm shift in the real estate industry by allowing blockchain technology to unleash open opportunities. Through the revolutionary technology, MySmartProperty hopes to bring a system of tokenized economy for the property market where trust and integrity are the main agenda.

About MySmartProperty

MySmartProperty is the ICO blockchain-based platform that will offer trust and transparency within the real estate sector together with a comparative analysis and property trading portal. The MSP platform will also provide for an expanding suite of tools, services, and products, which is an addition to the advertising portal also available.

MySmartProperty Real State Smart Contracts Features

The MSP platform seeks to allow for the following set of features:

Comparative Analysis

The MSP Platform offers an advanced relative metrics portal to give property buyers a significant advantage on the viability of the potential property purchase. On the sellers side the similar analysis functions to provide an opportunity to interact with potential buyers and sales agents.

Ecosystem Rewards Program

Apart from real estate trading, there is the MSP Reward program that brings together property market participant by allowing for investigation through unique rewards. The MySmartProperty token will facilitate the Rewards Program to drive traffic on the trading platform.

Real Estate Agents Portal

The MSP platform offers real estate agents an interactive portal where they partake in their business interest in an exclusive agency model. Agents will also get exclusive access to direct property marketers and property sales.

MySmartProperty Decentralized Application

MSP Platform offers a Trading platform app that allows for the seller or agent to estimate the value of their property, get a valuation, advertise and generate contracts during the sale negotiations. The app also gives the seller the option to fully control the negotiation process of the property and engage in the necessary services before completing the transaction.

What MySmartProperty Aims To Solve

MSP hopes to enable direct transactions between the buyers and sellers. Additionally, the platform looks to achieve these aspects:

Enabling Trust:

MSP will expect to bring confidence and integrity to the real estate transactions by using patented blockchain technology


The use of smart contracts on the Ethereum transaction safeguards the transactions between the buyers and sellers without having to include third-party intermediaries.

Better Ethics And Honesty:

The use of blockchain for the property sector could foresee an increase in trust for property agents. Resultantly, this could further improve the level of ethics and honesty, which are concerning aspects within real estate.

MySmartProperty MSPT Token ICO Details

There is no challenge that MSP is determined to roll out its concept with already a pilot project anticipated within the Australian property market. Despite the legitimacy of their venture, the real estate industry faces plenty of challenges under the implementation of crypto funds.


  • Start- 2nd May 2018
  • End- 30th June 2018
  • Token supply- 12,000,000 tokens
  • Price- US$ 0.5 and $US$0.75


  • Start- 1st July 2018
  • End- 3rd August 2018
  • Token supply- 24,000,000 tokens
  • Price rate- US$ 1

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol- MSPT
  • Token blockchain- Ethereum
  • Technical model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 100,000,000 MSPT tokens
  • Sale supply- 40,000,000 tokens
  • Hard cap- 40,000,000
  • Decimals- 18

Distribution Breakdown

  • Allocation for rewards program- 40%
  • Pre ICO– 12%
  • Future platform liquidity- 10%
  • Founders and supporter- 10%
  • Seed round ICO- 4%
  • ICO- 24%

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