What Is MyTVchain?

MyTVchain is the first web TV platform powered by blockchain and dedicated to sports clubs and athletes. The platform allows sports clubs to create their very own web TV based on the freemium model and animate their various communities that include fans and supporters while at the same time generating revenues for the development of their activities.

The video technical infrastructure of MyTVchain is based on the Decentralized Video System, which is a new model for the distribution of content as powered by blockchain technology. Blockchain allows computers around the world to work together in a network that is peer-to-peer.

How MyTVchain Web TV Blockchain For Sports Clubs Works

The sport club on the platform creates a private web TV and thus develops its revenue through the additional services it generates. The sport club then publishes videos to generate audience and advertising revenues, which enables the members as well as their families, to contribute to the general financing of the club. The video audience reinforces the visibility of the sponsor from the entire community.

MyTVchain allows its community to regain control of the specific content thus leading to the creation of their value. The users of the platform get rewards in terms of tokens for each of the videos they watch and can also donate some of the tokens to their favorite club as funds, purchase variety of services from web TVs, and distribute the tokens to filmmakers that contain the best quality in terms of shooting.

MyTVchain Benefits

For The Sport Clubs

Be in control: Sport clubs can monitor their content, be able to broadcast and retain the full rights over their specific content.

Expand their services: Sport clubs can choose a model that best suits them from a range of paying playlist, pay-per-view, or the geo-blocking.

New club revenue stream: The more the community of the sport club grows and engages, the more its revenue increases over time. It can grow its community by publishing content that is very relevant.

For The Fans

Value for their content: The fans of the sport club can assess the quality of the content that is provided and thus promote the club actively.

A loyal fan-base: The platform rewards fans for watching videos with tokens to gain their loyalty and thus expand the fan-base.

Sharing: Fans of sports clubs can watch games live and communicate through a live chat interface on the performance of specific clubs.

MyTVchain MyTV Token & ICO Details

The MyTV token is the platform's utility token that is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain. The tokens are redeemable on dedicated platforms and can be stored on every Ethereum portfolios like Metamask. The MyTV token is used on the platform for the purpose of e-commerce, advertising, community rewards, as well as crowdfunding.

The second token is the MyTV Fan token that is used for the rewarding purposes. It is usable within the platform's internal economy in its private environment. The tokens are exchangeable for the MyTV tokens.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: MyTV
  • Token sale date: Feb 2019
  • accepted payment method: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, DOGE
  • Total Token supply: 3,900,000,000
  • ICO: 1,750,000,000
  • Hard cap: $ 35,000,000

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