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NAFEN are unique alumina nano-fibers produced by Nafen. The fibers can change the chemical and mechanical properties of a variety of different materials giving them superpowers.

The fibers can be used in automotive industry, electronics industry, building materials industry, marine construction and maintenance industry, energy creation and storage industry, full-cell technology, and metallurgy industry among other industries.

Nafen enhances your product using a new technology that is high performing and one that effectively uses resources. This leads to a decreased cost of the nano-fibers and makes it more attractive to be used in industries. NAFEN can be used with ceramics, polymers, and concretes to make them last longer which will result in increased usage due to the low maintenance costs.

For now, NAFEN is the only industrial class of alumina nano-fibers that is available for the development of new polymer-based materials. The polymer materials produced by Nafen has:

  • Increased strength regarding compression, tensile, flexural, lap shear, and interlaminar shear
  • Toughness in terms of impact, modular, and fracture properties
  • Wear resistance including resistance from corrosion and abrasion
  • Fire resistance

Why Investors Should Invest In Nafen

  1. The research and development department of the project uses its intellectual property in the form of patented technologies to search for customized solutions for the industries that need them.
  2. The platform has other ongoing projects within the framework of joint development projects. These projects are in chemical and advanced materials productions. NAFEN is collaborating with known market leaders who consider the nano-fibers as a high-value enhancer of mechanical properties of polymers and other materials.
  3. The company already has received several rounds of funding from venture investors. This is due to its participation in the EU Horizon 2020 program on development and support of European small to medium-sized businesses. Therefore, the project is beyond the critical stages of development and has already entered the market.
  4. The initial contracts that are needed for the production of NAFEN are already in place.
  5. The firm is in the process of building a production plant that will have a capacity of more than 80 tons annually. This plant will accelerate the acceptance of NAFEN because of the lower production cost from economies of scale. It will also allow for the achievement of volume industrial production that is needed by large market players.

The Nafen ICO NFN Token

The platform has created a blockchain currency that is equivalent to a voucher. The NFN token is 100% discount voucher for 1 gram of NAFEN. The owner of the token will be able to exchange the token for the platforms material. The token can also be sold to persons or organizations interested in purchasing nano-fibers from Nafen.

The token will be listed in different exchanges so that buyers can sell their tokens at a market price on exchanges. The sale will also allow interested parties to purchase the tokens. The firm will buy back some tokens from the exchanges when industrial customers order NAFEN nano-fibers through the product sales system.

The token complies with the ERC20 standard. The starting price for the NFN token is 0.1€. The platform already sells NAFEN globally for up to 1€ per gram

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