NAGA Debit Card Review

NAGA has opened its pre-registration for a crypto-friendly NAGA debit card. In total, there are 10,000 slots available for the NAGA debit card that uses the MasterCard payment processor.

How Does the NAGA Debit Card Work?

The NAGA Debit Card intends to solve a real problem for users and payment providers in the space of crypto. The NAGA debit card will be the first fully-functional card to allow for funding by any cryptocurrency.

This move by the NAGA Debit Card could help bring cryptocurrencies into the mainstream for everyday transactions, and help move these virtual currencies into a more widespread adoption. So far, NAGA is 6 months ahead of schedule in its plans to be the first internationally-recognized crypto debit card.

The Bigger Picture For The NAGA Debit Card

The NAGA Debit Card will be the centre piece for the wider NAGA ecosystem. The card works by itself as a standalone top up card, and it will also be connectable to a growing list of platforms in the space of NAGA.

People will be able to trade peer to peer with NAGA’s social trading platform named NAGA TRADER, which was formerly called SwipeStox. This will let people trade and hopefully make a profit on the stock exchange. The profits can then be sent to the NAGA debit card for easy withdrawals of their winnings.

NAGA’s other platform called Switex will allow for the sale of virtual items and then converted into fiat dollars that can be spent offline, or virtual tokens that can be used inside games.

The NAGA Coin

The good news for NAGA is that its debit card is able to be funded by all the major cryptocurrencies, which gives it a competitive advantage to others in te market.

One of the most notable features of the NAGA card is that it works with NAGA’s in built token, known as the NAGA Coin. As 2018 keeps moving on, the Naga Coin will be the primary means of exchange on all the NAGA platforms. Each user of the NAGA Coin on NAGA Trader along with Switex will pay reduced commission and other benefits for both platforms. Additionally, transferring NGC coins to the NAGA debit card will be a streamlined process.

Setting the Standard

The NAGA Debit Card will set the standard for decentralized payments, combined with the other NAGA products and services. After finishing one of 2017’s most successful token sales ever, 2018 could be a great year of progress and innovation for NAGA.

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