NAGA is already Germany’s fastest growing fintech firm and they aim to get even bigger through the integration of Binance. Mow, they enable Binance Coin (BNB) holders to use their BNB to instantly invest into more than 800 financial instruments such as equities, cryptocurrencies, Forex, ETF CFDs, and even gaming items.

NAGA is essentially what BNB is for Binance. They are building a huge ecosystem including a crypto exchange with fiat pairs and traditional social trading platform which has been running successfully for years. In fact, they can even give eToro a run for their money any day.

Following the integration of BNB within the NAGA ecosystem, BNB holders will be able to:

  • Perform on-chain deposits and withdrawals of BNB to/from the NAGA Wallet
  • Fund their NAGA Trader accounts with BNB via the NAGA Wallet
  • Use BNB as the trading account base currency on the NAGA Trader (Monitor personal investment portfolio along with trading indicators in BNB)
  • Trade BNB/USD and BNB/EUR pairs on NAGA Trader
  • Earn Copy Bonuses in BNB for each copier on your trades
  • Trade in-game items CFDs with BNB
  • Follow top traders and automatically copy their trades using BNB
  • Set up CYBO, your personal AI-powered robo-advisor, automatically invest your BNB into 750 assets worldwide

“We are pleased to integrate Binance and help global cryptocurrency adoption. From day one, NAGA has set our vision to offer a versatile financial ecosystem that makes personal banking, stock trading, asset management and cryptocurrency investing accessible for everyone. Our platform is built to create synergy and we are proud that BNB holders will be able to participate in the stock markets without the need to sell their precious BNBs for fiat money.”

— stated Benjamin Bilski, NAGA’s Founder & Managing Director.

In the near future, NAGA trader will have Binance’s BNB Usage Page which will allow users to learn about major use cased of BNB. NAGA trader is currently available for iOS, Android, and a desktop version. If you want to open NAGA Trader Account, you can register on .

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