The airdrop for Nagricoin No1 is live. The company is an all-natural and organic fertilizer that has the purpose of helping to foster a healthier world. And not just that, but they will offer the market the latest solution for organic farmers to use to improve their income and get well known. The platform is focused primarily on a series of Nagri-HL smart fertilizers that are tested in labs and then used in actual fields to test and see who the trials operate all over the globe.

The ICO rating on the platform is 4.2 and the Track rating for the ICO is 4.6, the ICO marks rating is 8.2 – the pre-ICO starts in a little more than 2 days. And you can sign up for the whitelist and get 50% more off each token when you do so.

Apparently, the ICO has been mentioned on several publications as well, like Entrepreneur magazine and the Bitcoinist as well as TechCrunch and the Huffington Post.

How Does NagriCoin Work?

The purpose of the company is to spread the mainstream word about eating healthy and using the best ingredients with all food sources. That includes what fertilizers are used as well, because going green is the growing conscious decision of the entire human race.

And with the rapid adoption of green living and eating, the world makes people think more about taking care of themselves and making more healthc-onscious decisions, as well as learning the skills necessary to provide themselves with needed amount of food for sustained living. Farmers as well as bigger agricultural companies are under the pressure of having to grow more food and produce more as well.

That is also the growing challenge because of the climate change that is happening, and with the growing number of diseases for plants and pest attacking fields, as well as other disasters, the recent solution has been the use of chemicals, but they’re not always the best idea. And that is especially true because although they are fast and effective, they are cruel to the environment, dangerous for people, and pose very real risks to the population around where they’re sprayed. Children are at the greatest risk when it comes to health risks posed by chemicals used on crops, as are wild animals and pets.

But according to the team working at NagriTech, scientists and enthusiasts believe there is a way that the yield on crops can be naturally increased while at the same time protecting the plants and animals in the area. And this is accomplished via the use of organic materials only. There have been amazing biotechnological developments and years of valuable study and scientific research that has helped the industry find the solution to the ongoing problem.

That is where NagriCoin produces organic fertilizers that have been tested in labs and fields all over the world. It’s a long process, because before a product can be considered organic and be allowed on your table with that label, it has to go through a scrutinizing and very particular procedure, of which each step of the process must be considered completely natural. The soil must contain too much chemicals or be oversaturated with harmful chemicals that cause damage to life or the environment.

And, any seeds placed must be organic, never genetically altered or modified in any way. When all these rules are followed, you have a truly organic fertilizer. These considerations mentioned are only a few of the requirements necessary to ensure the food your eating is authentically all-natural, taken care of organically through every step of it’s process from the ground to your table. The purpose is to bring you food that does nothing but bring you nourishing health benefits to help improve your life.

Nagri-HL is the next generation of fertilizers that will both increase the yield returned from planted crops as well as protect them from a lot of harmful yet easy to avoid hazards that are common.

The Benefits Are Numerous:

Increased Yield of 10-30% and improved quality of anything that is grown and cultivated. Along with a massive reduction of nitrogen in the sale of as much as 505. This will help to promote the development of a stronger root system that will help strengthen all grown crops.

And because of this, there is no reason to add more investments into equipment that isn’t needed. They can then be applied with effectiveness to technology that is already being used and can be improved. One of the results are plants that are naturally resistant to droughts. And lastly, there is absolutely no toxic substances contained within the crops, the are completely safe for animals and humans alike.

About NagriCoin ICO

Anyone can invest with the company buy buying the NGR Tokens. The point is to establish transparent relationships with investors through the use of smart contracts. And when you buy the NGR Tokens, you are guaranteed to become a partner of the company, this will help to get rid of all barriers.

From this point location, attracting the right lawyers and what currencies are used for investing become obsolete. The process will allow the team to stand ahead of the crowd, when usually innovation is highly expensive and difficult. All of this combined will in turn boost the process for investment, within hours, anyone who buys the token is considered a partner of the company.

Who Is Behind NagriCoin?

The team is massive, there is a huge collective of people from all over the world in the agricultural sector and politics as well as tech who are involved. This includes larger enterprises and businesses who are heading the way for a greener way of life, specifically when it comes to food. You can see the entire team on the company website at

NagriCoin In Conclusion

If you’re a supporter of healthy living and want to contribute, then the team at NagriCoin is the perfect partnership for you to work with. Head on over to and you can get started working with the company as a partner within a matter of hours.


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