Nakamoto Family Foundation Book Gets Stylometry Test

Stylometry, known as the study of linguistic style, commonly with a viewpoint of identifying an author or writer is being used to search for the fabled Satoshi. Without any useful metrics, it has become the number one method for analyzing the sudden flow of new publications supposedly coming from the work of BTC creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Some time last week, armchair stylometrists were presented with a wealth of information to work through following the report that the 21-page retrospective was written by BTC somewhat anonymous creator.

Is He The Messiah Or Pariah?

There’s nothing stopping anyone from claiming to be the unknown Satoshi, but the hard part comes in actually making the skeptics in the cryptocurrency community believe the claim is true.

Short from signing a message with the first key to the genesis block, no one who claims to be Satoshi will ever be able to prove they are who they say. However, producing a very comprehensive, believable partition of work, and you may be able to get at least a few people talking about the crypto creator. Especially on the social media sites like Twitter and Reddit – if not at the very least to disprove that the writer of the works isn’t who they claim to be.

As released yesterday, the most recent release of information from Satoshi is almost certain to be just as false as nearly every other publication released since the original upped vanished. When BTC isn’t getting much attention paid to its price, the industry tends to stagnate. But with the new detectives attempting to figure out if the real Satoshi is providing us with useful information or now, there is at least something to follow and entertain us all – while at the same time raising the bar for all subsequent Satoshi's to present themselves.

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