NAKED Technologies Has Been Exonerated After Being Discredited [Story Inside]

At the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 there have been several Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) launched to the market. However, not all of them had a good future in the market. Indeed, most of them disappeared or couldn’t continue developing their products.

However, there were just a few ICOs and tokens that had a clear use case in a specific sector. This seems to be the case of Naked Technologies. Marco Robinson, its founder, explains that holders actually own assets and businesses where it is possible to use the coin.

It is important to mention that a smear campaign spread in the media during the last weeks after some conflicts within the team.

According to NullTX, they’ve reported in the past that they’ve received a press release related to NAKED technology and its team members. As per NullTX; the email came from someone called icowhistleblower.

The documents presented in this press release contained information that exposed the founder of the ICO for scamming investors. Robinson had allegedly been sentenced to two months in jail in Dubai and banned from the country as well.

There were also some YouTube videos in which there were some investors complaining about the ICO and not being able to sell their NKD tokens.

It seems, however, that all this information was not real. NullTX was able to contact Mr. Robinson and talk about these issues that arose. Robinson explains that all these documents are fake and that there was a smear campaign behind that was a result of misconduct by one of NKD’s employees.

Marco, a NAKED Technologies’ team member, has been under contract to sell the NAKED Dollars in Dubai. Nevertheless, he breached the contract and sold another virtual currency called future1coin. The team member is called Kishore Mansighani.

On the matter, Robinson says:

“During his time [Kishore] collected cash money from two investors Jack Singh and Melanie Soo. They have since tried to charge us for money laundering and so has Kishore.”

According to what Robinson explains Mr. Singh and Melanie Soo were stealing money from investors and moving it into their bank accounts. Both Jack and Melanie are Malaysian citizens.

Naked Technologies is the world’s first asset & business-backed cryptocurrency available for investors. During its Initial Coin Offering (ICO), the company raised around $1 million. Robinson has experience in the real estate industry and worked on it as an investor before.

It is worth mentioning that the videos attached to the email were not complaining about Robinson but about future1coin. According to Robinson, the future1coin pump and dump was very weak and did not last long.

Furthermore, Robinson said that their team works and answers all the emails they receive. Additionally, he stated that some emails they were answering back were just bouncing back.

Another issue that Robinson talked about is related to the token listing. The NKD team listed the token at the SGExchange which is not one of the most known or sued exchanges in the market. Nonetheless, as the team was not feeling comfortable with the decision to list the token at this exchange, they took off the listing a few months later after the launch.

However, now it is possible to purchase NKD tokens on the LAToken exchange. LAToken is one of the largest exchanges in the market.

At the moment it is possible to use the tokens to save 50% in a trip, in cruelty-free cosmetics or restaurants among other products. The intention is to create mass adoption in the future.

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