NAM Coin ICO Review

The field of medicine is one that can only be ignored at the peril of all of us. The Blockchain and cryptocurrency trend has also extended to the health sector in form of NAM coin. Blockchain and artificial intelligence together form a formidable pair that when applied to any venture can shoot up efficient service delivery by oodles.

Blockchain is described as a digital ledger that allows universal access without compromising the security of the network. Artificial intelligence on the other hand enables thinking machines and allows the performance of human tasks- faster and easier with more efficient methods.

About the NAM Team

The NAM platform is fielded by a team led by Teppei Nakano, the project leader who graduated from Keio University School of Medicine. They are developing various medical software to solve the several problems inherent in the health sector with AI and Blockchain technology.


In order to fund their various projects and advance the cause, they have launched the NAM coin so that the general public can invest through their initial coin offering (ICO) that kicked off on the 28th day of January 2018. NAM is offering their tokens to the public to provide much needed funds for their innovations in the medical field while giving investors the chance to earn.

The NAM coin tokens are available on the NAM ICO dashboard and is available for persons of all nationalities as long as such transactions are not illegal in your country. Corporations too can participate as just the NAM ID is required for the purchase.

What NAM Coin Does

NAM has identified some problems in the field of medicine that they intend to solve with their software that combines Ai with Blockchain. Doctors will now be able to grasp fully the progress of their patients with the aid of artificial intelligence. They will also be able to create a safe electronic medical record system at low costs using Blockchain and introduce a world class AI clinic.

Funds raised from the NAM Coin ICO will be directed at some specific projects like a consulting bot that uses AI, diseases prediction model using artificial intelligence, a healthy food adjustment App and a medical record app that allows universal access.

The coin is also targeted as a currency for new businesses seeking to join the platform and help provide better healthcare services. Among many problems to be solved by the NAM coin is the issue of foreign exchange. The Nam platform envisages a situation where foreigners can access medical attention and pay using NAM coins without having to worry about the cost of foreign exchange.

The medical sector is ready for this turn around that the NAM ICO has set in motion thanks to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

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