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Namahe: Connecting The Elements Of The Value Chain

Most of the products we buy in both the formal and informal sectors have long value chains. This makes it very difficult for anyone to trace the source of the products and the working conditions of the employees used to produce them. The result is that some of the workers producing them suffer from poor working conditions, child trafficking, and minimal wages.

Namahe’s aim is to come up with an end-to-end supply chain platform that will support ethical products production. Firms that want to ensure transparency in their supply chain will use this platform. This will lead to ethical sourcing, lower the risk of negative publicity, and reduce auditing costs.

Namahe ecosystem is the vision for a new standard that can be used in any industry to bring in transparency and allow for the connection of the different elements of the value chain.

The Namahe platform will also be the foundation of the Namahe marketplace where a supplier or worker profile, experience, and history will be available. Those interested in a particular supplier or worker can use the platform to get information about them.

Further, both small and big enterprises, suppliers, and workers will be able to communicate and trade in the Namahe marketplace.

Features Of The Namahe Platform

IBM Hyperledger Blockchain

Namahe is underpinned by permissible IBM Hyperledger blockchain platform.

Google AI In Namahe Supply Chain

Namahe will use AI, which is a new trend in the industry to eliminate inefficiencies introduced due to long tail items, seasonality, lack of transparency, and new product lines. The AI will also act as a silent monitoring system. It will monitor the interactions in the chain. It will also look out for anomalies from the prescribed patterns.

In the event that it detects delays, anomalies, or fraud that can affect the supply chain operations, it will trigger a series of corrective actions such as notifications and programmed actions that will be based on its prediction.

Advantages Of The Namahe Platform


The use of blockchain technology will allow for the decentralizing of data throughout the supply chain. Additionally, blockchain technology will provide a common platform for information sharing among all the shareholders of the platform.

Ethical Sourcing

Namahe ecosystem will create transparency and connectivity that will establish ethical sourcing in different supply chains. This will reduce exploitation as tools and interfaces will be created for each tier. Additionally, this will empower the stakeholders found on the blockchain.

A Common Marketplace

At the Namahe marketplace, both small and big retailers, and suppliers will be able to trade, register, and engage. The marketplace will bring all the players of the ecosystem together. The market will be secure which will give the stakeholders confidence to trade in the marketplace. This will save the traders time and expensive trips to meet their mediators and reduce the money they spend paying as commissions to their intermediaries.

Further, the marketplace will be a global platform that will support different payment options including digital currencies such as the NMH tokens.

The NMH Token

  • The NMH token is an ERC20 standard token based on the Ethereum network.
  • The token is priced at 1ETH=1000 NMH.
  • The developers of the token hope to raise $4 million as the minimum goal and $30 million as the maximum goal.
  • The presale of the tokens will start on 24th May 2018 and end on 20th June 2018.
  • The price at the presale and the final sale will both be $ 0.5 per NMH.
  • The main token sale will be on 28th June and will end on 31st July 2018.

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