NanoHealthcare Token

Nanohealthcare Token (NHCT) Receives Commitment Of $2 Million In Two Days During Launch

The NanoHealth team participated at the International Blockchain Congress which took place early this month. During the event, the team launched a blockchain powered healthcare ecosystem called the NHCT Token.

The Congress was co-hosted by the Nucleus Vision team, which is made up of Goa and Telengana’s IT and Industry ministry as well as the strategic planning team from the Prime Minister’s office. It comprised of a number of blockchain funds, experts as well as enthusiasts in the crypto space.

Blockchain Powered Ecosystem

The NHCT token was one of the sponsors of the event, being an ICO pitch participant. It is basically a blockchain powered bionetwork involved in provision of total health. It emphasizes in individualizing healthcare for people and ensuring that healthcare systems are not only operational, but also well-organized.

The ecosystem operates by connecting payers, users as well as providers on a single stand, by making use of a three-tier token data protocol to operate the fiscal system between the participants.

At the beginning of the conference, NHCT was granted the opportunity to launch their blockchain prototype. Fortunately, they were able to secure their first investment for private sale, with an amazing response from other people who took part in the event.

NanoHealthcare Token

Creation Of Total Health

Many blockchain enthusiasts as well as investors were in a better position to comprehend the value the company brings about. This is in relation to the possibilities of creating total health which will go a long way in helping users to leader healthy and better quality of life.

One of the judges, Irina Litchfield, congratulated the team for coming up with an innovative healthcare project which was instrumental in augmenting healthcare in the general populace. This is because there are very few of such projects available on blockchain.

On the second day of the conference, the NHTC team took part at the ICO pitch, where again, they were able to secure very positive responses from the participants. The company’s CEO, Manish Ranjan, asserted that the company has a good legacy when it comes to provision of healthcare services.

This is because in the recent past, they have been able to reach well over 70,000 people, whereby they treated them for non-communicable ailments like diabetes and cholesterol. The company works in conjunction with the state government of Telengana, as well as other corporates over the past few years, whereby they offer measurable and trackable health dashboards for organizations and communities.

According to Praveen Dwarkanath, the head of ecosystem development at NanoHealth, they are doing all they can to ensure that NHCT is a benchmark ICO. The company takes pride in the fact that unlike other medical ICOs, they are the only ones capable of producing 100% certified health data.

The company’s three-tier token data protocol makes it possible for them to incentivize consumers for each action they take even as they work towards augmenting their total health, like going physical exercises and receiving periodical medical health checkups.

The NHCT team declared in the pitch that the private investors would receive a gratuity as well as a special price protection. They were able to rake in commitments worth $2 million for the private sale period.

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