NaPoleonX is an algorithmic trading company that offers a crypto asset fund to investors. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is NaPoleonX?

NaPoleonX, found online at, wants to become “the 1st algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors.”

The company has developed a number of trading bots. These bots analyze cryptocurrency markets, then make trades based on that information.

The company first released its whitepaper in December 2016. The ICO, meanwhile, is scheduled for November 12 to January 4.

How Does NaPoleonX Work?

NaPoleonX is built on the idea of decentralized autonomous funds, or DAFs. The DAF empowers owners to choose which trading bots they use. NaPoleonX offers a number of different trading bots based on an investor’s desired exposure to risk and their desired returns.

Overall, NaPoleonX claims to have “developed a large set of performing trading bots”. By investing in the company, you can gain access to those trading bots.

NaPoleonX tokens (NPX) also play a role in the company. As a token holder, you participate in the selection of trading bots. In exchange for your work, you receive a share of revenue generated by the platform. This revenue is called “Rental Fees”, or “Botons” in the whitepaper. Rental fees are paid by DAFs for the use of trading bots. Botons will be equal to 25% of gross performance of the fund. Meanwhile, NPX token holders get 85% of these botons for the first DAFs created by NaPoleonX.

The first decentralized autonomous funds will be opened by NaPoleonX. These funds will be open to external investors. Over time, NaPoleonX will monitor its investment portfolio in DAFs in order to continuously launch new vehicles and collect additional performance fees on top of the net performance of invested assets.

Who’s Behind NaPoleonX?

NaPoleonX was created by Napoleon Crypto SAS. That company was founded by “ex-multi-billions asset managers in Tier 1 banks”, explains the official website. Those asset managers have already designed, created, and traded performing trading bots over the last 15 years.

Key members of the company include Stephane Ifrah, Jean-Charles Dudek, and Arnaud Dartois. These ex-finance executives each have more than 15 years of experience in the finance sector.

Ifrah started developing algorithmic strategies more than 10 years ago at BNP Paribas. Dartois is an independent advisor and entrepreneur who’s been interested in blockchain since 2015. Dudek, meanwhile, is an experienced banker with 12+ years of experience in tier 1 banks.

The company is headquartered in Paris, France.

The NaPoleonX ICO

the NaPoleonX ICO is scheduled to begin with a pre-sale from November 12 to December 3. The main crowdsale is scheduled for December 4 to January 4.

70% of the total supply of tokens is being distributed during the ICO. 15% is reserved for founders, 13% is for “advisors/miscellaneous”, and 2% is for the social bounty.

The company is launching NPX tokens and is aiming to collect 40,000 ETH. That money will be used to acquire or rent asset management architecture, promote NPX tokens, promote the DAFs, and finance research and development.


NaPoleonX aims to become the first algorithmic asset management company for crypto investors. The company aims to create decentralized autonomous funds, or DAFs, that operate using different investment strategies. Those investment strategies are implemented by bots. Profits are distributed to token holders, and token holders also vote on choosing the best DAFs.

To learn more about NaPoleonX, visit the platform online today at The ICO is underway from November 2017 to January 2018, starting with a pre-ICO on November 12.

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