Nasdacoin ICO (NSD) Review: Legit Crypto Or Ponzi Affiliate Program?

Nasdacoin has been a business which has recently received a lot of crazy attention. There is so much going on in this industry that it’s difficult at times to listen to all the pitches happening all over the web. It doesn’t matter where you’re at, they’re coming from every angle and they’re making people new to the industry very uncomfortable.

Most of the pitching is coming from social media. And Nasdacoin is in no way a coin we endorse as an altcoin to be invested into. Regardless of whether you’re a distributor or an affiliate, the company is one you should be wary of.

There’s a very strong possibility the coin is a complete and total scam. Let me explain why. For one the NasdaCoin is founded by a man named John Babtist. He’s from Brazil, with some shady ideal following him. He lives in Suriname in the top east coast of South America.

Along with that, that company offers very little information into who is helping run the country. There is a very strong possibility they live in another country like Thailand or Dubai. But that’s about as targeted as we can get with the man who is running the company.

Something else that is very sad is the fact that Babtist has a reputation in the MLM space. He’s been associated with some other names in the game, most of whom are not very appreciated. DFRF Enterprises for one, Swiss Golden for two, Jeunesse for three, Game Look network for four and Alliance Group for five. The sad part is, each of these have been considered to be scams of one type or another.

Babtist also is believed to have invested his own money into his own Ponzi scheme that has been linked to BitConnect and iPro Network. The content released by the site has already been proven to be un-reliable, because the developer behind it all is a completely unknown entity.

And this is where things get crazy, NasdaCoin has almost nothing to offer to serious investors. Babtist is running an empty shell organization.

The products are empty as well. There is nothing to sell, no goods or services worth anything. And it’s sad that companies like this still exist in the world. Because they are hurting the retail space. Affiliates are probably the only ones who will make money from the company. Even the affiliate group who makes anything will have to struggle most likely. This is due to the fact that most affiliates who make anything will be a small concentrated group who is there from the beginning.

NasdaCoin looks to be just another affiliate coin that will take advantage of a lot of people, which is very unfortunate. There’s no guarantee or even real accusation that NasdaCoin is scam, it’s likely a company you want to stay away from however. The cost to join isn’t much, only about $100 – but that’s still a $100, which is enough to make you lose money.

While I can’t say if this is a total scam or not, I have to advise in investing with NasdaCoin all the same.


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