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New digital currency platforms often come into existence, promising a lot of unique features and functionality. Only a handful of these succeed in living up to expectations and going on to become popular and adopted in the market.

There are some very specific features that have consistently appeared in the success stories, and these are the feature that can make a new digital coin appealing to consumers at any given time.

What Is Nav Coin?

Nav Coin ticks all the right boxes when it comes to features and functionality, and comes at a time when many new currencies are failing to make a dent on the market.

With simple use and powerful features, Nav Coin definitely has the potential to succeed where other coins have not, and the development team has paid enough attention to the little details that can make this coin extremely attractive for those looking for a coin that is easy to work with.

Nav Coin Special Features

As clearly stated in the website, NavCoin operates on two simple principles – usability and privacy. To achieve this, they have built the currency on the widely adopted Bitcoin core.

This provides the coin with all the features and advantages that this proven and tried-and-tested core brings to the table, and the development team has gone one step further, infusing crucial extra features that make this digital currency even better.

The main different is the security system, which uses Proof of Stake algorithms rather than the preferred Proof of Work algorithms favored by Bitcoin. This means that the platform does not require expensive hardware to maintain, and transactions can be completed faster.

There is also a unique feature that allows users to earn up to 5% on the amount in their wallets just by using the revolutionary “Staking Mode” feature that is integrated in the wallets.

Supreme Usability

One of the many upsides of Nav Coin is the easy usability and functionality that it provides users. The development team is highly active with the right visions, and updates are carried out regularly.

The main factor that contributes to the usability of this coin is the fast, 30-second transaction times, which is a powerful feature to have in a leading digital currency platform. The transaction costs are also kept at bare minimum, making it perfect for people who take part in multiple transactions on a daily basis.

The USP of NavCoin is the staking feature of the wallet. Instead of investing in large, expensive and difficult-to-maintain ASIC hardware, users can earn NavCoin currency simply by leaving their wallet in the staking mode.

This is a great way to ensure better rewards for users without the need to invest and maintain expensive equipment which can be complicated to configure and understand.

Better Security With Nav Coin

A primary reason why users choose digital currency is privacy and anonymity, and NavCoin has come up with the perfect solutions for these problems.

The dual-blockchain security system makes it easy for users to send and receive the currency with complete anonymity, and there is also the embedded option to use the popular and widely adopted Tor network for added privacy.

There are also plans afoot to extend the functionality of this platform through the developed of decentralized, anonymously distributed applications, which will open up the platform to multiple use case scenarios, and provide developers and users with more powerful features that they can make good use of.

Getting Started With Nav Coin

The simple, easy-to-use NavCoin wallet is where all the action happens, and this wallet can be download from the website. The Core wallet brings complete functionality, while the Electrum wallet brings easier and faster setup. Both of these wallets are available for Windows, OSX and Linux platforms. There is also the option to download an integrated wallet for Android phone users.

Nav Coin Summary

Overall, NavCoin seems to be a compelling and feature-rich alternative to many other platforms, with the focus firmly on future development, better security and superior usability and functionality.

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