Atomic Age Is Taking Bitcoin Back To Its Original Goal, Chief Scientist Affirms

The term “atomic age” has been used by historians to describe the period that follows the detonation of the first nuclear bomb at the end of World War II. In the cryptocurrency world, though, this same term refers to something else entirely.

According to the doctor Craig Wright, currently chief scientist of nChain, one of the most influential groups behind Bitcoin Cash, the term atomic age could be used to explain a way of making everything an economic asset and to allow people to sell them by fractionating their value to even a cent’s worth. Basically, tokenizing and dividing it.

This, he believes, it taking Bitcoin again back to its original goal of not only being money but also an overarching system that allows an economic aspect of everything that is currently on the internet. Also, of not trusting the middlemen, especially because they will not be needed anymore.

What Is In The Code Of The Atomic Age?

According to the scientist, at the core of the so-called atomic age there are three main aspects: assets chains (a series of tokenized assets that allow people to build on top of the chain), transfers that allow users to send and receive but are oblivious to what piece has been transferred and atomic swaps, which are used via smart contract technology and allows one crypto to be changed by another one without using centralized intermediaries.

The nChain scientist has also defended that people will start to know now what they can do with Bitcoin Cash and its technology and this will only become more mainstream in the future. According to him, there are no limits to what can be done with this technology and how many assets can be tokenized.

He believes that the technology will become simpler and simpler over time and that, after some years, even kids will be able to be simple coders and to build new applications and organizations.

Craig Wright believes that, unlike the old atomic age, the new atomic age is just starting and that there is plenty to be seen and done in these new times. With atomic swaps, the Bitcoin Cash technology and many other innovations that are yet to come, it is certain that the market will experience many changes and that the way that we see the technology and the world will change.

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