This is a cloud storage solution targeting customers from the corporate world. It is a subsidiary of Netkom IT Service GmBH a Swiss technology service provider established in 2001. Initially, Netkom exclusively offered consultancy services to reputable international institutions. Nonetheless, as the company expanded its client base, it also increased the services offered; adding archetypal solutions of an IT firm.

At the outset, Netkom offered virtualization solutions to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). In 2009, the company successfully inaugurated n’cloud, one of Europe’s pioneering Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) cloud platforms. This launch changed Netkom’s fortunes, making it one of the highly-regarded cloud solution providers in Europe.

In 2017, the company rolled out N'Cloud.Swiss, an improved next-generation version of n’cloud. On top of IaaS and SaaS the new platform supports Platform as a Service (PaaS), offering a better alternative to the existing cloud solutions.

Features of N'Cloud.Swiss

In addition to having PaaS, IaaS and SaaS cloud service models, N'Cloud.Swiss also has a rich endowment of attractive features. They include:

  • Multi-tenancy – the solution can accommodate the system admin, developers, and users simultaneously.
  • Integrated marketplace – users can upload their applications and use the provided e-business software that features an inbuilt payment system.
  • API connectivity – users can easily transfer their data from popular cloud storage solutions such as Amazon’s AWS, VMware and Microsoft’s Azure to the n’ platform.
  • The n’ platform will support IoT appliances as well as Big Data & Analytics.
  • Users can choose for the monthly subscription model or enroll to the pay-as-you-go program.
  • Scalability – the platform can allow for the additional of extra nodes in the future.

Products Offered by N'Cloud.Swiss

  • Computing services – users can create and control a scalable and manageable infrastructure for cloud applications.
  • Kubernetes-as-a-Service – this eliminates the barriers of embracing a container-based approach, reducing the cost of hiring skilled individuals.
  • Analytics EMR – using Hadoop, Spark and HBase, n’ offers a convenient big data solution.
  • Continuous Delivery as a Service (CDaaS) –enables clients to use a complete Continuous Delivery environment while saving money and time.
  • Block Storage – the storage is optimized to minimize latency and overhead while increasing the throughput.
  • Object storage -objects will reside beside the block storage in a hyperconverged infrastructure.
  • Load Balancer-as-a-Service – this will automatically allocate computing power to ensure scalability and high performance.
  • Database-as-a-Service – removes the operational frictions of running a database.
  • Application catalog – on top of the provided app stacks, users can develop personalized templates.
  • File system – simplifies the management, creation and transfer of cloud applications.
  • Migration Services – the system will automatically convert services to enable the seamless integration of VMs.
  • Identity and Access Management – verifies the authenticity of users
  • Cloud Monitoring – all virtual resources will be under a close watch.
  • Networking

Token Sale

Recently, n‘ decided to tokenize is shares through the issuance of the NCU utility token. By purchasing the token, investors will become shareholders of the popular cloud solution. Additionally, ownership of the NCU token bears the following advantages

  • Purchase n’ products at discounted prices
  • NCU tokens can be exchanged for NCS tokens at a profit
  • The price per token is currently at 0.10 CHF. This value, however, increases on a daily basis.

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