NCRYPTO is an online platform that works to help business and individuals in the Cryptocurrency industry enjoy simplifications and optimization of interactions in an economical way.

The platform operates in similar ways like Bitcoin only that there will be the use of NCRYPTO tokens. Therefore, this is to indicate that the token is “a fully-fledged Cryptocurrency” that allows its users to conduct transactions on their digital assets without any form of restriction. Through the sale of the NCRYPTO tokens. The platform seeks to gain funds for the development of the ICo’s final stages that would include marketing and promotion activities.

NCypto Functionality

According to the claims on their official website, the NCRYPTO developers claim to have hopes of raising up to $10 million in the pre-sale period. The pre-sale will take place on the Ethureum system, and all the contributions will then get a swipe to NCRYPTO token in August 2018. After that, the company plans to make fair distributions of all unsold tokes including those that didn’t undergo distribution among all pre-sale contributors, who will be having a balance of more than 2000 NCRYPTO.

Additionally, an extra of $90 million will enter into the NCRYPTO crowd-sale period. Here the distribution will include; 20% for the project team, 20% to the development fund, 5% goes to all bounty sales and distribution and the remaining 3% to advisor distributions and sales. The contributions in the Bounty sales will go to marketing and campaign activities in Social Media, Translation and Blog/YOUTUBE campaigns.

Consequently, the platform will work to ensure all fiat transfers follow the “Know Your Client” procedure to minimize on money laundering claims and follow necessary regulation procedures as per the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing Prevention Act (MLTFPA). By having a multicurrency exchange thus there would be no need for double conversion exchanges for cryptocurrencies.

How Can I Benefit From NCypto?

Through the availability of the multicurrency exchange platform, you could get optimal exchange rates automatically set by the network. Therefore, you stand to gain high values for your exchanges than it would be on other external platforms. Also, the crowdsale module on this platform is much more straightforward in the initial offering of tokens. The use of tokens makes transactions much quicker by allowing fast payments in either fiat or cryptocurrencies, which is very convenient for investors.

Furthermore, the platform supports the use of Web/IOS applications that enhance the deposition of fiat funds, working with different currencies, exchanging services at an integrated onboard exchange and easy withdrawal of funds to the users’ credit cards and bank accounts. The benefits also spread to individual token ownership and tailor-made payment models for crowd investors.

Why Shouldn’t I Join?

Although there are several benefits you could incur by joining NCRYPTO, you shouldn’t overlook the possible risks. Although the marketing pitch seems pretty impressive, the details of the final contract aren’t yet out as the one on the site is for “familiarity” purposes. So don’t get too comfortable until you see the last amendments.

NCrypto Conclusion

NCRYPTO ICO is meant to benefit all Cryptocurrency users by providing them with a more straightforward and optimized platform for all their transaction needs. The platform promises to come up with a multicurrency exchange to ensure better circulation of fiat and cryptocurrencies. Overall, the site seems legit with all the necessary information in place. However, we still can’t bet on it for sure. Therefore, we urge you to invest with caution.

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