NebliDex ICO (NDEX Token)

We spend our time in researching on the best investment opportunity we can find in the market. Who doesn’t want to earn a little extra income on the sidelines? Maybe with all these investment opportunities that we get into we will reach our goal of making money while we sleep.

Well, this is the time to do extensive research for search days to reach soon. And we have made the search much more comfortable for you as we identify the best investment opportunists that are able to offer you such financial freedom. One of the investments we have come across is NebliDex, read on as we find out what this platform is all about.

A Little About NebliDex

The company is one of the first Neblio in the Blockchain decentralized technology. It is a different cryptocurrency exchange that has been powered by Neblio blockchain, that is also in support of the NTP1 protocol. The platform has been designed in a manner that allows the investors to trade the NEBL for various other cryptocurrencies that are available on different blockchains.

The trade is made possible via the trust-less platform that has been designed in an automated fashion. Unlike the centralized tradition platforms, we have been accustomed to, like Kucoin and Binace, the NebliDex platform is decentralized. It means that there are no central serves that are holding on to your NEBL.

So a decentralized platform essentially means that you always have direct control of your wallet all the time. Nothing like transparency all through your transactions.

As a cryptocurrency exchanger, you will be required to buy and sell your NEBL to various other users. At the same time, you can make a direct sale, however, this increases the risk of a loss.

The reason being one of the parties involved might fail at delivering their part of the transaction. Since most operations on the crypto market are irreversible, this might result in a significant loss of your funds. Thus, the exchanges are the safest option as it serves as a third party mediator, which helps in removing this type of risk and will allow the various user to trade with other parties in one platform.

How It All Works

The cryptocurrency exchange has been designed and exposed to two different nodes; this is the Trader Node (TN) and Critical Node (CN). These two nodes have been designed in a manner they can interact with each other to make quick trades on the platform in an automatic fashion.

So what does each of these nodes do for you?

So the trader Node can help you trade freely on the platform with other investors, able to create the sell and buy order that will be broadcasted on the NebliDex platform. You're also able to perform various market trades with the other users that are present.

Not forgetting the node can help you get a list of all the CNs from a DNS Seed or just the CN.

On the other hand, the Critical Node (CN) can do everything that a trader can do, plus also help in validating the transactions taken place from the trader Nodes. It can serve as a counterparty for the seller and buyer, which is all done automatically without the need for human intervention.

The node is also able to broadcast the various transactions that have taken place to the same blockchain for the permanent entry.

It is a lot of technical jargon, but this is all to assure you the platform is well aware of what it is, most safely and conveniently for your transactions.

Our Take On the NebliDex ICO (NDEX Token)

The platform has been built on the best technology you could find in the market, and this is the NTP1 technology. You are also able to trade the NEBL for the numerous other cryptocurrencies that are present without experiencing any downtime. Not forgetting, no one actually owns the exchange, so this means no individual can look up your funds.

Talk of secure transactions on a whole new level, indeed this is the best investment opportunity to get into if you are looking to make some extra cash while you sleep.

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