Nebulabs & CertiK Partner To Provide Smart Contract and DApp Security

Consumers Get Better Smart Contract and DApp Security with Nebulabs-Certik Partnership

Nebulabs has been acting as an incubator for their next-generation platform for blockchain called Nebulas. However, they have recently entered a partnership with CertiK, which is a verification platform for blockchain security and smart contract preservation. By joining forces, Certik offers technology that makes the Nebulas smart contacts and DApps more secure and reliable, while resisting tampering.

The developers behind Nebulas have the benefit of constant feedback and verification as they build up the platform. With this automated update on the project as it goes along, the creators can focus on correcting any damage and alterations in the code of the blockchain.

Both Nebulas and Certik have plenty that they bring to the table for each other. The creators of Nebulas are constantly working to fix the ecosystem of their blockchain for the consumers. With these updates, the platform is moving towards the future development of new profits and incentives, growing towards the end goals. Certik is more formal, though their security efforts have shown the ability to resist bugs and hackers, evolving with the current needs of the consumer. The Certik project is led by Zhong Shao, Thomas L. Kempner, and Ronghui Gu.

To ensure that all of the predicted processes are accessible to investors, Certik has a process that lets the prohibitive proof tasks become obsolete, reducing their function to being smaller and simpler. This layer-based approach does not impact the open-sourced contracts. There is no risk of hacking, which has been a major concern for any blockchain that is aware of incidents like DAO and Mt. Gox.

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