After an elongated period of closed beta tests, the Nebulas team has announced the launch of NAS Nano on Android and iOS. This official Nebulas mobile wallet allows people to easily manage their NAS mainnet assets from the convenience of their mobile devices.

The NAS Nano DApp Store contains powerful attributes for DApp recognition, including a search bar to find relevant DApps, a personalized feed of recommended DApps, as well as a feed of the platform’s most popular DApps, such as NAS Lucky Red Packet, the freelancer and HR platform Olovorr, and the popular games Cell Evolution and Dinosaur Park. With this DApp Store, customers can use the apps directly on the mobile device, with greater satisfaction and effectiveness.

It has an easy-to-use and beautiful interface, and implements all the features of a robust cryptocurrency wallet, as well as multiple security policies so that users can easily manage their NAS assets without additional learning.

The NAS Nano wallet APP comes with 3 main features:

  • Quickly and easily create, import, and manage wallets
  • Check the transaction progress in your wallet at a glance
  • Provide three kinds of wallet backups, including mnemonic, Keystore, private key backups, to minimize loss and theft of assets

For developers in the Incentive Program, NAS Nano wallet application is recommended, which is more convenient and safer than the existing Chrome extension wallet. NAS Nano currently only supports NAS mainnet tokens. Nebulas ERC20 tokens do not work in this wallet. This version of NAS Nano does not support the currency swap from Nebulas ERC20 tokens to NAS mainnet tokens.

The Nebulas mainnet went live on March 29th, 2018. The team is also continuing the “Nebulas Incentive Program” to encourage more developers to continue to develop more and better DApps on the Nebulas main chain. Nebulas are committed to building a third-generation public blockchain for the long-term that rewards community members ,  both developers, and users  while enabling self-sustainable upgrading.

The public consensus of the launch has been overwhelmingly positive as most users do not care about the profits of holding NAS. The utility of the product seems to be attracting customers. Although, the user base is still demanding the English translation for the DApp page.

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