NEM (XEM) releases its wallet named as ‘Raccoon Wallet’

NEM (XEM) Releases Its Wallet Named As ‘Raccoon Wallet’

NEM is a peer to peer cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform which was launched on March 31st, 2015. Its coding is done in C++ language and it works very smooth. According to one of a newspaper it released an article on July 2nd NEM released its new wallet called Raccoon Wallet. The users are very satisfied with its interface as it is very user-friendly. Its concept is focused mainly on digital wallet which can be used in day to day life for transaction purposes.

So this wallet is praised by many customers and it is good in multitasking along with the function of a wallet it has a gallery appearance and QR Laboratory which is unique in its own way. The mobile wallet targets both the Android and iOS platforms and runs on software called Github and Discord.

Earlier, popular version of a NEM wallet includes NEM Nano Wallet and NEM Mobile Wallet. NEM Nano wallet is the desktop version that helps you in the smooth transactions which are convenient to the store. It has its presence in Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems which increases the flexibility of the users to send the transactions and money along with the message to any address.

The big step was taken on 25th June by NEM when it’s announced its alliance with Blockfolio, which is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker. So it will help people who all are following XEM in Blockfolio they will get the current updates, news, and information about the products that are going to be launched or any information regarding them. This initiative was taken by the NEM foundation President, MR. Kristof Van De Rock.

Blockfolio is upgrading its system base and bringing up new innovation in its interface. It is including a new feature which will help the users to translate into the chosen or preferred language of whichever country they belong to. This was considered to be a new revolution to NEM and was very unique when it was started. So, the idea behind the language translation was because most of the NEM community members were from Japan, Philippines and other Southeast Asian nations who were facing issues in communicating with others.

NEM is making the profit in the market and it has a great future ahead. At the current time, the NEX (XEM) is trading at $0.18 in last 24 hours. The market Capitalization is of $1.66 billion. It is making the profit at the rate of 11.09% of hike in the market.

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