NEO Mining & Technologies

Neo Mining and Technologies have been recently creating a lot of hype around the internet. They offer an attractive business opportunity but if they can really deliver on it’s promises is up to you to find out.

What Is Neo Mining And Technologies?

If one takes a look at their official website, it becomes conspicuous that there is no information about the owner of the company or anything about their operation. Their domain is registered with an address in California and the owner is listed as Jesus Osuna. In their marketing videos Jesus Osuna is listed as the CEO of the company but such detail is not given on the website. This immediately signals a red flag.

Neo Mining and Technologies affiliates hand over money on the expectation of a passive ROI over two years. That’s a security which in the US requires registration with the SEC, however neither Neo Mining nor Jesus Osuna are registered with the SEC. This makes their mining contracts an unregistered securities offering and illegal in the US. Being registered is important because Neo Mining is required to file explicit proof of external ROI revenue generation. This is critical not only for basic due-diligence of any passive investment opportunity, but also to certify Neo Mining & Technologies are not recycling newly invested funds to pay off existing investors on any level.

Neo Mining And Technologies Features

  1. Products: No goods or services are being sold to retail customers, and because of this one can not find any retail sales activity. They offer an affiliate membership which at just the appearance of it look like a Multi Level Marketing scheme.
  2. Compensation Plan: Their affiliates invest in Ethereum mining contracts, on the promise of a passive 2 year ROI. You can invest $350 for a 14MH/s contract, $1750 for a 70MH/s contract and $3,500 for a 140 MH/s mining contract.
  3. Affiliate ranks: There are five levels of affiliate ranks, namely:
  • Affiliate-Sign up and invest
  • Bronze: Recruit three affiliates who invest in at least one mining contract
  • Silver: Generate four personally recruited Bronze affiliates
  • Gold: Generate four personally recruited Silver affiliates
  • Platinum: Generate four personally recruited Gold affiliates

4. Residual Commissions through Unilevel: A unilevel compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of a unilevel team.

  • Bronze affiliates receive about 2.9% commission.
  • Silver affiliates receive close to 7.1% per contract
  • Gold affiliates receive 10% per contract
  • Platinum affiliates receive about 12.9 %

NEO Mining & Technologies Conclusion

Neo Mining and Technologies sell their contracts for $25 MH/s which is lesser than Genesis Mining’s ethereum contract. Genesis Mining’s contracts are so popular that they are regularly sold out because of their competitive prices. When you ask the question that how are Neo Mining and Technologies affording to undercut the biggest ethereum cloud mining company and pay commissions on top of that, you will come to a conclusion that they are a recruitment-driven pyramid scheme.

In summary, what we have with Neo Mining & Technologies is a company openly incorporated in California, offering US residents a two-year passive ROI on fixed deposits – coupled with a pyramid recruitment MLM business model and none of which is registered with the appropriate authorities. It is hard to envision anything good coming out of this.

You can learn more about them on their website

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  1. NEO‘s community cannot connect own node and participate on GAS mining. This will be probably changed in the future and you will be able to set up nodes and also master nodes. Setting up master nodes will require locking up the specific amount of NEO tokens.


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