Neoplay (NPLAY Token)

About Neoplay (NPLAY Token)

Neoplay is the first decentralized cross-network dicing platform built on both the NEO and Ethereum’s blockchain. Users on the platform will have the option to use Neoplay’s native tokens [EPLAY & NPLAY] to reroll their losing bets against the house while the user’s odds of winning remain unchanged.

Players can place bets in Ether (ETH) or GAS and choose their odds of winning. Neoplay protocol enables users to reroll through the sister NEO and Ethereum smart-contracts. Every single token spent to invoke the reroll mechanic will be immediately burned. In this way, the total supply of tokens will be reduced as demand for rerolls stays constant.

Both tokens have their own unique supply pool and most importantly both tokens will be credited to crowdsale contributors.

Dicing on the NEO Network

According to Neoplay, decentralized dicing platforms have proven to be the most successful crypto projects based on ROI. Neoplay is strategically positioned to leverage NEO’s recent growth by building and growing the future of future of online gambling into the NEO smart economy.

Key Points

Provably Fair: Neoplay sources all random numbers generated from provably fair source.

Decentralized: Neoplay runs exclusively on blockchain where users can play without deposits and without registration. All winnings are instantly credit.

Crowdsale Focused: Crowdsale contributors will be able to obtain both NPLAY & EPLAY tokens through Neoplay’s crowdsale contract.

Open Source: All source code for Neoplay is made public and available on our GitHub

Built For NEO & Ethereum: Neoplay’s sister smart-contracts are built for both NEO and Ethereum. Players are able to choose which one they want to use.

First Mover Advantage: Neoplay is the first dicing smart-contract written for those wanting to play on the NEO blockchain.

Neoplay (NPLAY Token) Crowdsale Distribution

There will be just one sale, but two tokens. Crowdsale investors will receive both tokens, the NPLAY and the EPLAY tokens, which are the native currencies of the platform. At the same time, in the future, Neoplay will develop new products that will be powered by these two tokens.

The tokens will be distributed as follows:

  • 5% Reserve
  • 10% Founders
  • 85% Crowdsale

Both tokens will have a total supply of 100,000,000. The NPLAY will be NEP-5 compliant and the EPLAY ERC-20 compliant. All the unsold tokens will be immediately burned.

Platform Potential

The online gambling market is one of the fastest growing, and by 2020, it projected to be worth $59.79 billion dollars. But it is important to mark that decentralized gambling platforms were incredibly successful. Indeed, 60% of all bitcoin transacted were spent in gambling-related activity.

Ethereum grew in value due to the fact that users were able to write, audit, and execute smart-contracts. The NEO platform experienced an important growth as well.

Neoplay is building the entire platform around its native tokens that will be deployed in the Ethereum and NEO networks. Players who play the most and reroll the most will also need to purchase more tokens pressing the price of the virtual currencies up.

Neoplay (NPLAY Token) Roadmap

Neoplay has presented a roadmap that includes the different steps that the company will take in order to complete the platform presented in this article. The company will be working in establishing commercial partnerships, community building, add more games, and search further uses for the Neoplay tokens.

Neoplay Conclusion

Neoplay is the first decentralized cross-network dicing platform that is built on the NEO and Ethereum blockchain. A very attractive proposal that aims to revolutionize the way in which users interact with two different platforms at the same time.

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