Neoterium is a new cryptocurrency which has appeared on the market with the intent of becoming a currency known for its stability, as cryptocurrencies are generally known to be extremely volatile.

What Is Neoterium?

This company is concerned about the instability and the volatility of the blockchain market because this ends up being in the way of the consolidation of this market. Because of this, Neoterium decided to create a cryptocurrency that can really be accessible for the mainstream public, which is vital to the survival of this market over time.

Neoterium’s intention is to bring unique characteristics into this market by using investment funds. These funds will value the cryptocurrency over time and make it more attractive. These investments will be focused on the tourism market, which is continuously growing. Not only that, but the wallet of the company will be able to be used for tourism, like paying for hotels and air tickets.

Neoterium NTM ICO Details

Neoterium is preparing the sale of its tokens, they are based on the Ethereum blockchain. They have a supply of 90,000,000 tokens and 59% of the tokens will be sold on the sale, while 28% will be community rewards, 10% will go for marketing and partner support and 3% will stay with the team.

The sale will be made in three phases: the first one, which has already been finished, sold tokens at the price of $0.05 USD each. The next two phases will have the price of 0.10 USD per token until 15 million have been sold and then $0.15 USD until the ICO is over. The company accepts BTC, ETC and LTC.

After the ICO is finished, the following exchanges will be selling Neoterium tokens: Bittrex, Live Coin, Binance, BitFinex, HitBTC and Cryptopia.

Neoterium Road Map

The development of the Neoterium project started on December 2017 and the sale of tokens is happening right now. Tokens will be sold in exchanges after the ICO (May 5) and the company plans to advance in its travel and tourism investments until November 2018. Until the end of the year, the company promised to have its services online, enabling users to buy tickets, hotel booking and travels on its platform.

At the beginning of 2019, the company is planning the launch of a mobile mining platform so the users can mine Neoterium tokens using their smartphones. You will also be able to use your phone as a cryptocurrency wallet way before this feature is implemented.

The final feature promised by Neoterium is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) which will only be ready in 2020 (or later). The company is currently looking for software engineers to script AI that can be more and more efficient.

Neoterium NTM Blockchain Crypto Token Verdict

Neoterium promises a lot and we still do not understand how this company intends to avoid volatility by using investments, as most of the companies at the moment are not being able to do that. The platform is also diversified, but we would not necessarily label it as a great investment.

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