NePay has the goal of bringing more freedom to the real world with the help of the blockchain. They believe that connecting people and transferring value should be more convenient than it currently is. The creators of this project encourage anyone who believes this to join them.

NePay: A Revolutionary System Potential Applications

  • C2C Market: When you utilize NePay, you can trade without fear that the other party will break their promise.
  • Credit System: The blockchain makes it possible for Nepay to accomplish a great credit system. This will be a system that cannot be corrupted since it is protected by blockchain technology.
  • B2B Settlement: Using the NePay settlement, you can achieve low cost and instant cross-border B2B transaction settlements.
  • Open Standards: With these open standards, you can integrate NePay into a dapp and earn the NePay tokens.

The Roadmap

In Q2 2018, the creators of this project intend to publish the whitepaper. From Q3 to Q4, they aim at moving the NePay tokens to the EOS; they will then begin to work on the implementation of the NePay sidechain on EOS. Work on the sidechain is projected to end on Q1 of 2019.

By Q3 of 2019, they will have launched a P2P trading platform and credit system for NePay. In Q1 2020, they would continue to optimize the NePay products based on user feedback. For Q2 of 2020, they will start a serious marketing campaign. The aim will be to market NePay products, look for partners, and open the NePay standards.

nepay homepage

The Airdrop

The NEP tokens are based on the ERC20 standard. That means you will need an ERC20 compatible token to be part of the airdrop. There will be a total supply of one billion NEP tokens. Of these tokens, 80% will be offered via an airdrop. The remaining 20% of the tokens will be distributed via team reserve.

To encourage people to be part of this project, they decided to offer the tokens free. If you want to be part of the airdrop, you will need to follow the rules.

AirDrop Rules

First, you will need to send 0 ETH to a contract address they have listed on their site. If you do send more than 0 ETH, you will not get them back. It will be considered a donation to the project. The first person to send the 0 ETH is going to receive 8000 NEP. After that, the number of tokens will drop by 0.001% until 80% of tokens have been distributed. If you try to claim tokens more than once, it will not work. Every address is only able to claim the tokens once.

NePay is Quite Popular

When NePay announced their airdrop, it was so popular that it slowed down the entire Ethereum network. The only other time this has ever happened was when Crypto Kitties launched a year ago. In just about two weeks, NePay has been responsible for over 610,000 transactions. It is already being traded on exchanges such as DDEX and ETHERC.

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