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As the bitcoin adoption continues to go mainstream and make its way into films and movies, the cryptocurrency star Bitcoin was most recently featured in the popular Netflix spanish T.V. series “Money Heist” known in spanish as “La Casa de Papel” in its season 2 debut.

For those of you who have saw the show, the start of the series begins on the “National Factory of Currency and Stamp of Spain” and has a character named The Professor plan a robbery looking for criminals in: Denver, Oslo, Helsinki, Nairobi, Berlin, Tokyo and Rio.

Without going too much into the show details and revealing a spoiler alert, this is when the reference is made to Bitcoin/cryptocurrency. During a flashback of the heist planning, The Professor is plotting to buy some high powered weapons off of the deep web/illegal Internet and sees all of the prices are denominated in bitcoins.

Of course bitcoin has been associated with just about every illegal activity one could think of, but most should know all of these edgy things have existed long before bitcoin and cryptocurrencies at large.


What do you guys think of Bitcoin's continued acceptance into mainstream media and movies? Does this taint bitcoin's reputation or does it enhance it as the questioning and learning process grows more and more as it becomes relevant to our every day lives?

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