Netwex NXE ICO Review

With each passing day, there are more and more crypto platforms being released to the public for trading/ investment purposes. NetWex is one such service, that has been designed to serve as an open source “decentralized, peer to peer crypto community” which can allow customers to reap a wide array of investment opportunities.

In a more technical sense, we can see that NetWex has been made through the use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) modules that allow for amazing functionality, as well as complete independence.

More About Netwex

To maximize the potential of Netwex, the creators of this platform will be making use of a native currency called Netwex coin (abbreviated as NXE). This altcoin will be used to perform all internal transactions within this network, and will allow customers to invest in various upcoming crypto portfolios to reap steady profits.

Other key aspects of NetWex include:

AI Enabled:

As mentioned earlier, this platform makes use of a “self- improvising, AI based trading algorithm” that has the potential to help users reap steady profits.

Automated Bot:

In addition to the AI mechanics described above, the Trading Bot used by NetWex (SATB) has been designed to maximize returns, and eliminate volatility based trade related issues.


Another key aspect of NetWex is its potential to be scaled up and accommodate more transactions, as and when the market demand requires.

Other Key Things To Consider

Easy to Use:

The interface being offered by this platform is highly intuitive, and can be used by novice/ expert traders alike.

Customer Support:

To help alleviate any doubts or concerns that one might have, users are given the option to get in touch with customer support staff at any point of the day or night.


As mentioned previously, the architectural framework employed by the NetWex platform is robust, and future ready.


The entire platform has been bolstered via the use of safety mechanisms as well as encryption protocols. In addition to this, all of the transactions are carried out in a completely transparent, dencetralsied manner.

What Is The Capital Gain Program (CGP)?

This is basically a lending scheme, wherein users can invest their money to reap a monthly profit ( along with a small daily profit). The available options include:

  • Amount: $100-$1000; Monthly Profit: of upto 49%; Daily Interest: 0%; Capital Returned After: 180 days.
  • Amount: $1010-$5000; Monthly Profit: of upto 49%; Daily Interest: 0.15% ; Capital Returned After: 180 days
  • Amount: $5010-$10,000 ; Monthly Profit: of upto 49%; Daily Interest: 0.25% ; Capital Returned After: 180 days
  • Amount: $10,010-$100,000 ; Monthly Profit: of upto 49%; Daily Interest: 0.30%; Capital Returned After: 180 days.

Netwex NXE ICO Token Sale/ ICO Details

As mentioned previously, all of the transactions that take place within the system will be done so via the use of NXE Coins. In all, there will be a total of 100,00,000 NXE that will be created. Out of this number, only 51,000,000 tokens will be made available to interested investors.

During the crowdsale, the price of a single token is set to range between $0.8 and $1.2 (depending upon which round the purchase is made). In addition to this, there is also a referral bonus of upto 7% available.

Token Allocation Details

As per the official company website

  • 10,000,000 tokens will be made available during the sale period.
  • 5,20,00 will be made available as bonuses and incentives.
  • 34,80,000 will be reserved for the company's tech dev team.
  • 35,000,000 will be made available for mining related purposes.
  • The remaining 20,00,000 will be made available to investors during the sighn up phase.

Fund Allocation + Utilization Scheme

  • 30% of all raised revenue will be used to fund the company’s Waste power management project’.
  • Another 30% will be used to create stability within the NetWex trading market.
  • 20% will be used for the creation of a reserve fund.
  • The remaining 20% will be set aside for advertising and marketing purposes.

For any other details, queries regarding this system, users can get in touch with company representatives via email ([email protected]). Alternatively, they can also connect with support staff via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lastly, there are also other investment opportunities such as staking, mining that one can avail of. To read about these options, users should check out the official company whitepaper.

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