What Is NeuroChain?

The Neurochain platform is a newly developed system that is also an ecosystem for advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence. They use a powerful consensus Algorithm that is an augmented Blockchain Technology.

It will help to give a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The mechanism of both protocols is designed to operate in real-life business applications with real people. There is also a validation mechanism as well, that is Bot based and basically a AI run algorithm-based robot of sorts. They operate on the decentralized network. And they are also elected on a scientific based Proof Involvement and Integrity, so as to keep any transactions on the NeuroChain Network authentic and secure.

Who Is Behind NeuroChain?

The team behind the platform is based composed of a complex group of scientists, technicians, business experts and lawyers. The two-main people running the operation are:

Billal CHOULI: Is a Ph.D. in Nuclear Fusion Physics. He has the dedication and drive to apply his knowledge to uncharted fields. Billal is also the author of the book, Blockchains, a complete reference guide on blockchains operating in France.

Frederic Goujon: He is an entrepreneur, and advanced IT architecture specialist. He also has experience in running blockchain technology and is the author of the French Blockchains book.

The rest of the team consists of several very individuals with varying backgrounds and degrees. They form the well-balanced team of academic and business professionals who are carrying NeuroChain forward. They have the following key characteristics:

  • Exceptional at blockchain technology and decentralized networks as well as Ethereum
  • Exceptional at Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Exceptional with Big Data and parallel programming
  • Exceptional at Systems Administration
  • Exceptional with Communications and Business Partnerships
  • Exceptional at Law

NeuroChain And Ethereum Difference

Ethereum is basically the blockchain where Turning completeness or Smart Contracts was first introduced.

NeuroChain on the other hand is a new project focused mostly on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. And it has also played a major role on the collective artificial intelligence of the industry. Also, except the ledger it’s been inspired by Bitcoin but everything else is different:

  • A brand-new developed protocol that is faster with more available transactions, while reducing the massive energy requirements through the use of Proof Involvement and Integrity.
  • Newly developed communication protocols.
  • Real-time intelligent application systems that operate through the use of smart systems and automatic learning algorithms in direct oppositions to the regular smart contracts.
  • A new ecosystem of Collective Artificial Intelligence.
  • A better operating infrastructure that operated on CPUs only.
  • A new ecosystem instead of a group of programs operating independently.

What NeuroChain Augmented Machine Learning Blockchain Bots Do

  • Bots have several different purposes in NeuroChain:
  • Used for the validation of transactions when elected.
  • Used to improve the ecosystem due to it’s specialization of the algorithm the is run.
  • Gives bots the ability to communicate with each other.
  • Advanced learning and teaching with other bots.
  • Elaborate and coordinate on in an environment composed with a Collective Artificial Intelligence.

One of the other points of the bots is to be elected. And there is said to be a very simple and effective process when it comes to that. They bots will:

  • Spend time looking at the ledger and proof of involvement/integrity algorithm, so a consensus can be made for each Bot operating on the network. It’s a type of score that will measure the activity within the network, the power behind this bot activity is called entropy or enthalpy.
  • The top scoring bots are elected through the total of 577 (This is an arbitrary number) bots.
  • They then get the transaction of the other bots in the community.
  • The bots elected start the validation process.
  • Elected bots get specific number of NCCs to apply for compensation of the validation work performed.
  • Blocks received are always controlled: If the bot in charge could validate the transaction, make a copy of it on your local ledger.

Bots behavior can be altered. If done however, there proof of involvement/integrity will also be altered as well. If the ensuing change is a good one, then the PII score will also change for the better. And if it’s a negative change, the score will also be affected negatively. Bots that are altered negatively have a lower probability of being selected for validation purposes.

Any program to counterfeit bots is very unlikely, due to the proof of workflow. It’s a program that has been designed to validate operations and software not related to malware.

NeuroChain NCC ICO Details

Tokens on the network can be used for selling, or to pay for basic operations. They can also be used on programs or bots to get the solution to a specific computation problem. And they operate the fundamental intelligence of applications on the network.

Tokens are not issues in any way on the platform. They are only forged by bots. However, the first of the genesis tokens is going to be created by the Genesis Block.

Key ICO Dates:

  • Start of Private Sales : Feb 20th 2018 3:00:00 PM UTC
  • End of Private Sales : March 12th 2018 3:00:00 PM UTC
  • Start of Public Sales (Discount Sales) : March 19th, 2018, 08:00:00 AM UTC
  • Start of Public Sales (Attractive Sales) : March 26th, 2018, 08:00:00 AM UTC
  • Start of Public Sales (Haste Sales) : April 9th, 2018, 08:00:00 AM UTC
  • End of ICO: April 19th, 2018, 08:00:00 PM UTC

ICO Funds Will be Distributed by:

Tokens expected usage and forging schema:

A- 70% to Elected Bots
B- 15% to Investors
C- 10% to Founding Team and Advisors
D- 3% to the Foundation
E- 2% to the Seed Fund

NeuroChain Conclusion

The platform has several practical uses. It can be used for cross communication across data exchange, while keeping a part of the information hidden. It can also be used to trace and track goods. Also, customer validation is another benefit the system offers.

Basically, anything that needs AI or ML can benefit from the NeuroChain Network. There are autonomous algorithm transfers, processed data transfers and automatic contract executions available. Property transfers can even be made, and it is said the network can be used to regulate professions. IoT, Data Banks and a full range of other services can even be managed on the network.

NeuroChain is scientifically run project. And anything that can benefit from Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning can be accomplished via NeuroChain. Also, since most business issues can be handled via Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, then everything is likely to be solvable by NeuroChain.

As of now, they’re looking for Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and people who believe in the new project and want to exploit it. There is an open sourced code that can be forked, but they would rather see the project be handled in a community manner for faster segregation of seeded projects.

Learn more at NeuroChainTech.io –

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