Located in Geneva, Switzerland, Neurogress is firm that concerns itself with the development of neurocontrolling software. Neurocontrol is process in which a human being utilizes technology and brain waves to manipulate external devices. Traditionally, the entire neurocontrol process was dependent on the shape of the human (controller) body. However, this is no longer a prerequisite, thanks to technological advancements. Nowadays, human thoughts can manipulate appliances on their own.

Neurocontrol boasts of enormous potential. As of now, Neurogress has thought controlled prosthetics and robots in its portfolio. Ultimately, the company intends to develop an entire ecosystem of neurocontrolled devices that are run on its proprietary software. The conceptual design of these devices will be drawn from all sectors of the society, regardless of the professional background.

Neurogress aims to embrace innovativeness to realize its objective of changing how people interact with technology.

Neurogress AI Neurocontrol Brain Waves Software

While neurocontrol has undergone massive improvements in recent times, there is still a significant amount of constraint associated with such devices. Neurogress will use cutting-edge technology based on artificial intelligence to overcome these impediments. The system will read the signals from the brain, categorize them according to frequency and then record them. Afterwards, the recorded signals will train the AI, a process during which useless signals are discarded. Thus, the expert system will have in its memory different types of signals which when triggered perform a particular action.

Moreover, the Neurogress platform will incorporate the Internet of Things, enhancing compatibility with multiple devices as well as allowing the devices to be controlled over long distances. Currently, this may seem far-fetched, but the possibility of neurocontrolling gadgets remotely is looming.

Lastly, the platform will implant blockchain technology, primarily for security and privacy reasons. All transactions will run on Ethereum smart contacts. Blockchain databases are renowned for their enormous storage capacities and impregnability. Furthermore, their decentralized structure guarantees fat, safe and anonymous processing of transactions within the ecosystem.

The Neurogress Ecosystem

The ecosystem will be made of:

  • Neurogress hub – a medium through which members of the developers community interact
  • Training center – a platform tailored for novices in the neurocontrol industry
  • Marketplace – trading platform for hardware, software and algorithms.
  • Neurocontrol system
  • Neurocontrol AI software – the brain of the entire ecosystem

Neurogress NRG ICO Details

This will the principal medium for exchange in all transactions within the Neurogress marketplace. Later on, Neurogress plans to release the NRG Token’s API to developers. A year after the proposed crowdsale, the project intends to launch its own virtual coin, a move that will further increase its profitability. The exchange rate for the cryptocurrency will be 1 ETH for 1 token.

The successful inauguration of the Neurogress project will require a total of 58,500 ETH. As expected, the development of the AI system will consume a huge chunk, a whopping 32.5%. Marketing campaign and ecosystem development also take sizeable portions of proceeds from the crowdsale.

During the ICO, a total of 1oo million NRG tokens will be minted. Out of these, only 50% will be for sale, with the other half going towards reserves and ecosystem development.

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