Neuromachine, or NRM, has declared itself the very first decentralized expert analytical platform that anyone can use to manage their crypto assets, exchange information about cryptocurrency, and basically connect with experts and other enthusiasts with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency at heart.

Based on the blockchain technology, Neuromachine essentially combines all the best features of a cryptocurrency trading platform with the social synergy and the predicting power of artificial neural network. The result? A highly functional and responsive decentralized platform with all the pros of both blockchain and traditional currency exchange platform.

Neuromachine Features

The idea that later blossomed into Neuromachine was conceived by the company’s founders, Valentin Korsunsky and Svyatoslav Vlasenko sometime in September 2017. The duo foresaw a solution to a perennial problem that almost every traditional currency exchange platform, and by extension even a number of cryptocurrency exchanges, that was preventing full adoption of cryptocurrencies globally.

One of the selling features of Neuromachine is that it is an easy to use, convenient, and dependable blockchain platform that is best used to manage digital assets. The platform offers multiple powerful features including:

Trading Tools: Users can now conveniently and easily keep track of, send, and receive cryptocurrencies on the go. The new AI system is an expert analytical tool that not only presents accurate, and often ‘the right’ data can be customized in many different ways for social trading and to use custom and stock modules.

NRM Assistant: The NRM assistant is an intellectual service that runs on the artificial neural network introduced before. This assistant has proven to be highly dependable and accurate when making market predictions, and analyzing collected data to determine the viability of a coin before the user buys it.

Experienced professionals: The team that designed and built the Neuromachine from ground up have had many years of experience in the technology and business fields including rating systems between them. Even a complete beginner would get the help they need to master the cryptocurrency market from the Neuromachine team.

Earn NRM Tokens: Every user of the Neuromachine system gets the opportunity to make tokens with real value and monetize their intellectual gifts on the NRM platform. The smart contract system the system uses ensures that all transactions on the platform are transparent and verifiable.

The solution that Valentin and Svyatoslav foresaw and build a system based on it is the social energy and fine-tuned artificially intelligent algorithm. These two tools will completely revolutionize how people perceive and even interact with the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Neuromachine ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: NRM
  • Token Pre Sale Starts: April 2018
  • Token Sale Ends: May 2018
  • Token Price: 1 NRM = 0.036 USDT at pre-sale
  • Total Supply: 4,958,333,333 NRM Tokens
  • Token Standard: ERC 20
  • Soft Cap: 484 500 NRM
  • Hard Cap: 85 000 000 NRM

Neuromachine Conclusion

The Neuromachine, as NRM is most popularly known, brings some very powerful cryptocurrency trading features and tools to a blockchain platform with a real purpose. Besides what we have already covered, other reasons to give NRM a look are its AI-based rating system, extensive knowledgebase on the blockchain technology and crypto currency, and the Blockchain Academy that aims to nurture new blockchain developers and enable current developers to earn from their code.

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