Neuromation is a distributed computing platform for the generation of deep learning applications and synthetic data. Here’s our review.

What Is Neuromation?

Neuromation is a platform designed for the AI ecosystem. The platform aims to use datasets, decentralized computing power, and machine learning models to help AI researchers connect with one another. The long-term goal is to create the world’s best AI data platform, where businesses can access the platform to develop their AI capabilities.

Neuromation wants to create an exchange and an ecosystem where participants can either contribute or purchase the components of an AI model. This will be called the Neuromation Platform. The Neuromation Platform will use distributed computing along with blockchain-based proof of work tokens to revolutionize AI model development.

The token sale for Neurotokens begins on November 28. The first version of the platform is scheduled to be released before the end of 2017.

Neuromation envisions being a global resource pool for synthetic data with a library with data sets for every conceivable use case. The company wants to be the ultimate platform where businesses can develop their AI capabilities.

How Does Neuromation Work?

Neuromation aims to combine all the components necessary to build deep learning solutions with synthetic data in one place. This platform – the Neuromation Platform – will use distributed computing power and blockchain-based proof of work tokens to connect parties together through a decentralized marketplace.

Platform service providers – commercial or private – can provide specific resources for the execution and development of synthetic data sets, distributed computing services, and machine learning models. These features address the three core components of the AI ecosystem, including datasets, computing power, and machine learning models.

Here’s how the company explains the value of its platform in its whitepaper:

“Imagine a place where you can go and easily address all requests to acquire AI capability. A vendor will create the data generator for you, then a group of Neuromation Nodes will use the generator to quickly create a massive virtual data set. You can then select a set of Deep Learning architectures to train on that data. Then another group of Neuromation Nodes will do the training in record time!”

Here are the three core modules involved in the Neuromation ecosystem:

Synthetic Data Set Module


Users can use the synthetic data set module to create a data generator, order data sets from the data generator, and request data labeling.


The synthetic data set module has libraries like a repository of data sets for deep learning, a repository of data generators, and a library of data sets (the data sets will be available through the marketplace).

Machine Learning Module


Processes of the machine learning module include defining deep learning models, importing models (like when cloning TensorFlow code), ordering training on selected data sets, and requesting custom models from the marketplace.


This module will include a repository of deep learning models, then offer those models through a marketplace.

User Module


The user module is where users can purchase tokens, register to use or provide processing power to the network, register to use and provide service, or download and install the Neuromation Node Software.


Libraries in the user module include user data and user models.

The back-end of the Neuromation Platform consists of the Neuromation Node and the Market Module.

The ultimate goal of the Neuromation platform is to be the premier destination for AI services for the world’s businesses. Neuromation will make money by taking a commission ranging from 5 to 15% for each transaction on the platform.

The Neuromation ICO

The Neuromation ICO is taking place from November 28 to January 1.

There’s a total supply of 100,000,000 Neurotokens. No further tokens will be minted. 60 million tokens are available during the token sale, and any unsold tokens will be burned.

Of the remaining total supply, 12% is going to the team, 12% to partners, 10% to a liquidity reserve, and 6% to researchers.

The price is set at 0.001 ETH per Neurotoken (about $0.28 USD).

Neuromation has a token burning policy where they will gradually burn the tokens out of circulation. 30% of tokens will be burned in 2018, 20% in 2019, and 10% in 2020. Neuromation believes this will create a demand for tokens that’s 90 times higher than supply.

Who’s Behind Neuromation?

Neuromation is led by Max Prasolov (CEO), a longtime entrepreneur, senior manager, and producer who has produced more than 50 animated commercials, 3D movies, commercial and industrial applications, and computer games. Other key members of the team include Fedor Savchenko (CTO), and Sergey Nikolenko (Chief Research Officer).

The company is based in Estonia. Neuromation was formed in Q4 2016, with a seed round completed in Q1 2017. Development of the platform has taken place throughout 2017. By the end of Q4 2017, the company will have launched version 1 of the Neuromation Platform, with version 2 scheduled for Q2 2018.

Neuromation Conclusion

Neuromation aims to create the definitive platform for businesses seeking to develop their AI capabilities. Using Neurotokens as an in-platform currency, Neuromation will offer synthetic data generation, distributed model training, data labeling, and other AI services. The long-term goal is to create a global resource pool for synthetic data along with a growing library with data sets for every conceivable use case.

To learn more about Neuromation and the ongoing token sale, visit online today at

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