What Is NeuronX?

NeuronX is an analytical and information platform that provides reliable information as well as trading recommendations on the cryptocurrency pairs for the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. It is a fundamental and technical analysis of the entire crypto market that is built based on machine algorithms and Artificial Intelligence.

The ecosystem of the platform is created for the traders that seek to increase their profits qualitatively, for the engineers in the area of artificial neural networks and data analysis, for the stimulation of the development of AI technologies, and for the investors interested in the entire crypto market and its various capabilities.

The NeuronX platform makes forecasts for BTC and USDT every minute, which is visible on the user's personal account. The improvement of the accuracy of the forecasts is such that the platform saturates the AI daily with fresh data and experience accumulates thus increasing the accuracy of predictions.

How NeuronX AI And Machine Algorithm Crypto AnalysisWorks

The NeutonX platform has developed Decentralized application used for storing the forecast (Decentralized storage of forecasts, DSOF) that ensures there is a transparent and high quality delivery of the forecasts. This happens directly from the developers of the machine algorithm that includes NeuronX to various users.

The DSOF comes with a variety of advantages that includes the entire forecast history is saved in the EOS blockchain registry, open API for the third party AI developers, and the machine based algorithms and allowing the top algorithms that have the most accurate forecasts to be made public among others.

By processing huge amounts of information that includes technical data, news, financial performance, information from social networks and articles, the platform determines the increase and decrease in the cryptocurrency rates with an accuracy level of up to 70%. The self-learning neural networks allows for constant improvement of the results of the platform's forecasts.

The platform involves its utility token knows as NXBT token in its development. The token supports the ERC-20 standard. The NXBT token is used as a means of payment in the NeuronX ecosystem. The internal currency of the project is required for the purchasing of the services offered by the platform without any exception.

NeuronX Benefits

High Accuracy Of Forecasts

The NeuronX platform is able to make forecasts that have up to 70% accuracy with the basis on the fundamental and technical analysis with constantly improving the given results. The system accumulates, stores, processes and finally analyzes large amounts of information. The platform is designed to improve the accuracy of forecasts continuously.

The Absence Of Human Factor

There is the absence of the human factor in the NeuronX system, which allows it to give objective forecasts and thus remain immune to the human emotions. This makes it to act without rash or premature decisions.


The AI used in the system constantly improves itself by help of deep learning neural networks and other modern machine learning models. The entire platform is in constant movement by basing its forecasts on various solutions, recalculating them, and adapting them to the volatile market environment.

NeuronX NXBT Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token symbol: NXBT
  • Sale date for pre-sale: 01.11.2018-24.12.2018
  • Accepted payment method: BTC, ETH, and EOS
  • Total supply: 200,000,000
  • Hard cap: $20 million

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