Bitcoin Files Protocol For Bitcoin Cash Provide A File Storage System

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) networks continues to grow and expand. This time developers of the Simple Ledger Protocol (SLP) have revealed a new feature for the Bitcoin Cash network that is known as Bitcoin Files Protocol (BFP). This is an implementation for file storage system that has been added to the SLP version of the so called Electron Cash light client.

The Bitcoin Files Protocol is an anonymous and censorship resistant file storage that allows companies and individuals to easily share files and other information. The programmers James Cramer, Ryan X. Charles, Mark B- Lundeberg, Calin Culianu, Jonald Fyookball and other BCH developers have been working in this SLP project.

This is a very simple protocol that has been created for uploading and downloading files under 5kb. As soon as the file is uploaded to the Bitcoin Files Protocol it can be downloaded using a transaction ID.

About it, Cramer explained on September 23:

“SLP token V1 has two fields in its Genesis transaction called ‘token_document_url’ and ‘token_ocument_hash.’ These fields to allow any additional yoken related data to be attached to a token – The thought was that a user could ‘simply’ upload a file to somewhere in the cloud and provide its URL and hash.”

The market has been always searching for a Long-Lasting, reliable and anonymous file storage system. And indeed, most cloud services online are not censorship resistant and are very decentralized, says Cramer.

At the moment, just very few storage services allow anonymous file uploads and URL sharing with other users. Although there are some services, most of them are not reliable and might not be stable in the long run.

Cramer has also talked about the BFP roadmap explaining how they will be implementing a download tool in Electron Cash SLP Edition. It would allow users to save files directly on their desktop after pasting the transaction ID of the file.

At the moment, BFP developers are working on a Javascript software development kit for upload and download functions.

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