New Blockchain Concept eXo Rewards for the Digital Workplace Plans to Help Worker Engagement

eXo Platform, a premier decentralized team collaborations software targeting medium and large enterprises, has unveiled eXo Rewards. The Paris-based platform announced this latest development, saying that this rewards program would go a long way in solving the day-to-day cases of employee detachment.

According to eXo, the scheme is meant to augment its other feature known as the Digital Workplace solution. It adds a flair of state-of-the-art, integrated tools that boost the rate of employee engagement and subsequently instill a feeling of pride about the company in them.

Some of the benefits under eXo Rewards are:

  • Throughout this business-oriented social network, there’s a ‘System of Kudos’ through which, an employee can appreciate another colleague publicly. Kudos are special tokens, spontaneously generated so that whoever is ‘tipped’ with them feels appreciated and recognized.
  • Also, the entire system is ‘gamified’ with a clever engine that analyzes the day-to-day tasks. For those roles that it deems beneficial, the engine automatically grants the doer points and a badge, based on the policy of the company.

In a bid to enhance the use of eXo rewards, the platform has combined these two benefits with its own eXo wallet, a recently launched Blockchain-based app. For the tokens accumulated by an employee, they are then held at the wallet.

However, because each marketplace is customized to suits its company, all kudos points earned by an employee will be eligible to be spent there alone. And the things to be purchased using the points could be anything listed in there, including days’ off, outings, special treatment and so forth. With group wallets, however, it becomes possible to pool the tokens and support joint projects, which once again, could be anything from charities to new projects.

It is important to mention that the essence of Blockchain in this whole system is to instill confidence. Knowing that all token transactions are safely captured, employees will trust this recognition initiative, something that will encourage more to embrace it. Tokens that are at the heart of it will also foster the little economy created.

Clearly, eXo Platform is dedicated to the betterment of employee wellness. And eXo Rewards’ quest to align the interests of employees with that of employers that underlines what eXo is tirelessly striving for.

A smart way to harmonize a company’s objectives with the wellness of its workforce

eXo is revolutionizing what traditional workplaces have never done: using little acts that bring about a radical positive change in employees’ perception of an organization.

Basically, it is a system that’s geared towards making a workplace feel transparent, rational and unbiased as it rewards all good deeds.

As for employers, they can take advantage of eXo Platform to reward their best workers. They only need to use it to encourage habits deemed beneficial and soon, employee engagement rates shoot. At the moment, a beta version of this eXo Rewards program is available.

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